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Saturday, 12 November 2016

Small Space Living: Fridge Organization

Living in a small 3 bed railway terrace with 5 other people and a handful of animals can be a challenge.  Yes I am a little OCD, but, my main reason for being organised at home is that if we weren't the time it takes to find anything is a waste that I can not afford.  Being practically housebound for four weeks with a broken toe, gave me time to reflect and re-plan all of my 'hidden' spaces.

A system that is simple and easy to follow is what I have attempted to achieve, and so far it is working. But remember what works for me may not work for you so play around with it a little.

A few weeks back I shared how I do a lunch prep for the boys to help with their independence.  In that post I promised to follow up with a post on how I organise my fridge.  So here it is.

First off can I say that the bottom shelf changes according to the needs of the boys.  Especially during school holidays when they will be regularly accessing the fridge.

We have a Bosch fridge freezer, 60cm width.  It is over 12 years old so is showing real signs of wear
tear, the door trays that are still there are cracked so have to be washed regularly. And the light doesn't work even though we purchased a new bulb.

We've found that the best way for the whole family to help maintain the fridge has been to group food in containers.  Dairy, Veg, Cooked meats and left overs.  Also having a section especially for the children has been brilliant.  I am on the hunt for a small lazy susan to place my jars and sauce bottles on; the things that would usually be placed in the door but, as we are a door shelf down, will be a great alternative.

I do not bulk buy on perishables or even snacks.  Reason being, the boys eat what they see.  If it's there they will consume like a plague of locusts.  The first evening after a shop used to be stressful for me as all was gone within two days.  Instead I re-stock on those things every two to three days if necessary.

We keep meat in a separate small under counter fridge and freezer kept in the hubbys studio.  It helps with meal planning to buy fresh meat and freeze as it arrives.

Watch the tour of my fridge below.

Holiday shelf

Fresh Vegetable drawer

Whole fridge

List of items

IKEA PRUTA storage with green lids:

IKEA TILLSLUTA sealed storage:

Fridge Binz at Lakeland:

B&M...  I didn't see the Twist & Lock containers online, but you can look up your closest store.

Good luck with your organising, I hope we've been helpful, I would love you to share your tips and tricks.  Please comment in the box below and subscribe, its FREE!!!

Tomboy -x-


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