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Meet the family

All of my formative years were spent trying to prove I wasn't a princess/barbie kind of girl, I was a tomboy and proud of it.  Wearing navy blue, dark green or burgundy knickerbockers at every chance; when my mother finally managed to throw a 'girlie' dress on me, she would find me running around with the boys, ribbons and all sorts flapping behind me in the wind, much to her disdain!

There were just two of us, my little brother (by 3 years) and I, my mother is often heard sighing 'She cheated me out of having a girl'!
To be fair, A tomboy begets a tomboy, as stories are told, my mother was up in the coconut trees with her brother in the beautiful island of Barbados where she was born.

I managed to maintain my Tomboyism throughout my teenage years and strongly believe it is the reason the powers that be gave me 4 boys.  I can rough and tumble with the best of them and have, over the years, gotten in touch with my barbie side!  You can imagine my mothers surprise when I bought myself, at the ripe age of 35, a frilly pink dress!! (Pink was in season)

I want my boys to know that any-one regardless of gender can do and be anything.  

Whenever I say I have 4 boys, people often look at me with surprise and then pity. "how do you cope?"  Is a question I am asked often.  The truth is I don't have to 'cope'.  We 'live', just like everyone else.  The boys all have very different characters and we generally just have fun, nothing, other than life is too precious and can be replaced.

Follow my exploits, fashion, shopping, feelings and every day life at the house of 6 boys and 1 Tomboy...

For all enquiries please feel free to contact me.

Anita aka Tomboy -x-

The Boys...

Mr Whittaker.  My husband, quiet and funny, a brilliant builder who is often roped into working on my larger projects.

Sal, beginning his life journey through adulthood, a great dancer with bucket loads of potential but doesn't use it!!  Funny and extremely charismatic, super tall and buff (he told me to say that!)

Louie, lover of books, reading and writing; fashion is one of his passions.  He wants to be a psychologist when he grows up!  Check out his blog in the making Minifashionisto

Alexander, the boho kid, free spirited loves the outdoors and to cook, famous quote "I love …… especially when I make it myself".   Watch his cooking videos on our YouTube channel

The Baba, always trying to make himself heard, which he manages quite successfully! 
 Chubby, cuddly and LOVES to eat!!  
Often found nicking freshly cooked food items and learning to cook for himself

Raven, often found chasing off foxes and bringing cat friends around for dinner, whilst keeping them firmly in their place!  Loves being tickled behind his ears and is often over fed by the eldest who insists he is the only one who looks after Raven!!

Spike the bearded dragon, our newest addition to our family, so cool I honestly believe he has the answers to the universe, often found gulping down his most favourite meal of Locusts.