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Monday, 21 November 2016

Organise your Laundry in 7 ESSENTIAL STEPS

The Holiday season is almost upon us, and if you're anything like me, it means extras and chaos.  One way to prepare is to declutter all your spaces now, and put an organization system into place.  I have already shared with you my fridge and laundry spaces, if you haven't already, check them out >>>
Fridge Organization & Understairs Laundry in a Small House

When organizing a space write a list of the essentials for the space.  If there is more room when finished that's a bonus

Here is the essential list I wrote when I organised my Laundry Cupboard.

1.  Folding Surface

A simple worktop over the machines is sufficient.  Or, if on a really tight budget, use the tops of the machines,  but remember not to rest anything atop the washing machine an the spin cycle will shake it off!!!

2.  Hang Dry Area

I had an indoor clothes drying rack, but with such a small home full of young boys, it wasn't practical. The boys, husband and cat would often knock it over.  So when designing my space I knew I needed a place to hang clothes to dry, especially those that couldn't go into the dryer like the boys school jumpers.  I used rails screwed into the bottom of my stair treads and have added hangers.  Simple and cheap!  There are fold down drying racks and pull out washing lines available to purchase should you wish to try something different for your own space,

WINMO Folding clothes hanger rack (affiliate).  
Indoor Folding wall mounted drying rack (affiliate)
IKEA GRUNDTAL drying rack

3.  Detergent Storage

Why spoil your lovely organised space with an unsightly washing box?  And the fact that the box get wet or damaged and generally make waste and mess.  Decant your washing powder into an airtight vessel with a large top opening.  It can be a glass jar or a plastic container.  I've used both.  Do not forget a scoop!

Biscotti Jar: (affiliate)

4.  Single Sock Box

The ever growing lost sock station!  I'm sure my family are deliberately hiding socks so they can watch me hop up and down whilst muttering confusion to myself.  Here I use simple baskets hung by a hook from a rail.  There are many cute ideas and handmade novelty boards like the one in the second picture below.  I'd have to buy half a dozen to keep mine in check.

Lost socks board:  

5.  Change Store 

Finders Keepers!  Whatever change (or notes) I find is my just rewards!  Unfortunately I find mostly LEGO and screws!  A little jar keeps them all in place whilst I'm sorting the washing.  The boys look in it regularly for an arm or head they have been searching for.

6. Dirty Laundry Storage

We've been using these recycling bins from IKEA to house our dirty laundry next to the machines.  One for lights, one for darks.  Its been working really well, and has cut the amounts of dirty laundry strewn around the bedrooms.  The boys add to them daily.  I chose these as Zach also wets the bed daily and can pop his washing in here, they are easy to clean.



7.  Cleaning Tool Storage i.e, broom, mop, dustpan & brush

Currently my broom and mop have no home as their home will be on the inside of the doors that do not yet exist 😆.  When the doors are fitted I will be installing the multi-purpose holder as linked below.
The dust pan and brush is hung by a hook on the rail.

Well, thats my list thus far.  What would be on your list?  Have you found this post helpful?  Please do comment below.  And don't forget that it is free to subscribe both here and on our YouTube channel to keep up with all of our latest happenings.

Happy Organising

Tomboy -x-


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