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Saturday, 19 April 2014

How to Make a Headboard

Floor to ceiling for a Superking bed

I feel as though this post should read how NOT to make a headboard as this was such hard work.  Beautiful idea, pain in the ass to build, beautiful results... Feedback sandwich!

Okay so first off, on Pinterest I pinned all the headboards I liked the look of and all the articles on how to make a pin board.  I read through all of them but found it easier to follow the videos, so, I watched a few YouTube videos before picking three as inspiration.  I have made a headboard before, for a client, but never on this scale.

This is the final choice of headboard found on Pinterest

Image from Pinterest, pinned from blog. design-59

I am the Queen of Taupe...  Ok I take that back, I am a follower of the Queen of Taupe Kelly Hoppen, in her I trust!  It has all the qualities of a Kelly Hoppen design omitting the lights.  Simple lines, commanding presence etc etc..

Now, to get that sophisticated look, homemade without it looking too 'crafty'. 

Here are the three YouTube ideas I took inspiration and guidance from

So.... as I typically do, I researched then did it my own way, learning through my mistakes!  I have to laugh because it's seems silly, but that's what I did.  In hindsight would I have done things differently?  Probably not, it's just the way I learn!  

Things you'll need:

A sheet of wood preferably ply
2x4 for battening if you are a making a floor to ceiling board for a super king bed and are crazy like me!!
Tape Measure
Adhesive spray
Paper and pen for designing
Button Maker
Upholstery needle/doll needle (I used the latter, it was easier to source)
Upholstery thread
Wall stapler and staples... lots of them!!
Stanley knife
A few cups of tea, a glass of wine and a partner/friend (absolutely invaluable!)

First off, I measured the height space between the floor and ceiling behind my bed and of course the width of the bed adding two inches, one for each side.  Then my husband measured it properly!  The measurements need to be exact, a centimetre or two over can make a huge difference especially to the height.

We took these measurements to our local B&Q and, as it was so large, had to divide them into two, width ways.  I chose chipboard as it was the cheapest, but would advise you to spend the extra on plywood.  The chipboard was sooooooo heavy and difficult to move around even with three of us!  

My husband battened the back of the two boards to make one large board.  Being so tall and wide made the next tasks extremely difficult as we couldn't move the board around the way the YouTubers did, there just wasn't enough space.  We also made the whole thing inside the room the board was going into.  We would never have got it up the stairs fully made.

I had bought a lovely mink coloured linen material from ....... in Shepherds Bush market.  At £7 a metre it was a steal!  I purchased 5 metres, and, as the material wasn't wide enough, cut 1.5 metres off of the end, cut that into two, had my mum sew them together (I'm terrible with a sewing machine, but that's another post) then to the main body of material.  This was low enough on the board that you cannot see the joins behind the bed.

I had gone along to a foam store also in the market and was quoted £95 for a whole piece of 1.5 inch foam to fit the board, however, at the time, with all else to pay for, it wasn't an option to spend that amount.  So, I purchased, from Dunelm Mill, six smaller 1.5 inch pieces of foam at £6 each.  £36 instead of £95.  Bargain.
These were stuck onto the board with adhesive spray and the fun bit began...  Or not so fun.  So, I don't know if you have realised, but I am impatient.  If I don't do things straight away I feel as though they will never be done as my mind moves on to another project, I'm the ideas person of the team!  Anyway.... due to my impatience I cocked-up the button measurements.  Twice!!!  Causing my husband utter despair.  He did of course fix it quite easily much to my relief and embarrassment.  My advice?  Patience and care avoids stress!  Your button measurements are important as they can make or break your design.   I cut holes into the foam for the buttons but as I had made such a mess of them all of these were also re-done twice!  (where is that monkey emoticon that covers it's eyes.  It would be perfect now!!)  

How not to measure out your button holes!!

Now thats the way!!

Draw your design on a piece of paper first then work out your exact measurements before marking out on your foam. 
It is much easier than the way I did it, in retrospect I would definitely have designed my headboard on paper, which is what I do with most things, but my impatience had me carry out the making of the board before the real designing. 

The rest, as they say, is history!  I followed the order of the YouTube videos.

Positioning buttons

You can barely see the join and it is below pillow level!!

Hubby worked his socks off...  Literally!!!!

Things to remember: 
  • Iron your material first, I didn’t and had to steam the creases out after the headboard was in place, which was difficult to say the least.
  • Pull the material as tight as possible to give it an even finish 
  • Your buttons should also be pulled super tight to give that more finished tailored look 
  • Be Patient and take your time
  • Triple check your measurements they are VERY important.

Overall I am extremely happy with my attempt would I do it again in the future, sometime waaaay in the future; a floor to ceiling  headboard is extremely hard work.  A smaller one I’d be happy to undertake!

Good luck with yours I hope my tips and advice has been helpful.
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Tomboy -x-

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