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Thursday, 8 September 2016

An Invited Review: VTech Kidi SuperStar

We had the pleasure of being invited to an event launching the VTech Kidi SuperStar Karaoke machine.  Music, beautiful women and snacks.  Tick, tick, tick.  The boys were pumped and ready to 'SANG!' *Nene Leakes voice

Quick explanation...  Insert Press release!!

With the X‐Factor season in full swing encouraging people all over the nation to test out their singing skills, VTech has teamed up with vocal coach to the stars, CeCe Sammy, to launch Kidi Super Star, a unique karaoke microphone and stand for all budding young singers.Best known for her work on Pop Idol and The Voice among others, CeCe has a long list of celebrity clients who have turned to her for her expert coaching including Leona Lewis, Charlotte Church, and Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays. Now she is willing to share her sought after advice to help youngsters benefit and enjoy singing even more.
VTech’s new Kidi Super Star karaoke microphone and stand uses innovative technology to reduce the vocals on any song. Whether you’re plugging in a mobile phone to access YouTube or Spotify or an MP3 with your own music library, the Kidi Super Star will reduce vocals to allow children be the star of the show. 
With a glowing light which changes colour for a magical atmosphere and unique microphone effects, children can record up to four minutes of a song allowing them to create individual versions of their favourite tracks. If that wasn’t enough, there are also six fun games to play.  
 The Kidi Super Star is the perfect toy for those 6+ who love to sing and is available from the VTechwebsite and all good toy stores nationwide with an RRP of £49.99
CeCe Sammy

Our Opinion

VTech' Kidi SuperStar is a great tech toy.  The boys without much instruction, they were barely listening at the event too excited, have managed to manoeuvre around the device with ease.  Finding the games, recording themselves and generally rocking out!  It has been a great addition to their bedroom band and I'm sooooooo glad theirs is the loft room!

Gorgeous Rising Star Luena Martinez

Although aimed at ages 6+ Zach, being only 4, has used it the most; he even, I overheard the boys bickering, attempted to 'destroy' it as part of a 'Monster Alien' game; to no avail might I add.  Our 22 year old and 13 year old argued over whose turn it was and took over the unit for around an hour, even the hubby and I had a go!  Turned out to be great for the whole family!

The marketing seems to be aimed at girls with the stereotypical 'girl' colour of pink and purple, my boys don't care about that so haven't noticed, but other boys may want it to be a more traditional blue or red to catch their interest.
Black or grey would be my preference only because it would go well with the boys bedroom design!

The unit itself is solid, sturdy, and compact; the stand not so much so but its simple to pick down and transport around.

We love that a phone/iPod can be plugged in, the amplification is great and of surprisingly good quality.  DJ Dad was impressed!  It is a shame the ledge attached, provided for a device, wasn't able to accommodate their iPad.  Alexander had ideas of using the unit whilst he played his drums following YouTube tutorials.  They won't be having a phone for a long time to come so are limited to using my phone once in a blue moon.

At a glance

What we liked

  • Ease of use
  • Sturdy unit
  • Great amplification and quality of sound
  • The ability to plug in an iPod/phone
  • Ease of assembly and mobility
  • The multiple options, including games
  • Great size
  • Great price
What we would like to have added
  • A larger space to place their iPad.  They don't have a phone or an iPod.
  • Options of colours

Overall it is a fabulous toy, I would definitely recommend this as a Christmas present, if your children sing as badly as mine just ensure you have either a soundproof room, or very good ear defenders!  SuperStars here we come!!!!

Pop over to Vtech to order yours for Christmas now! >>>>> VTeh Kidi SuperStar 

Tomboy -x-

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We were not paid for this review, all opinions are our own.  Thank you to VTech and CeCe Sammy for the opportunity to try out this product.

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