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Thursday, 9 March 2017

A World of Curls with Creative Soul Photography

Historic Ripples...  The movement takes a step up

Have you ever had a call, text, email, message that blew your mind, and from that very first moment you knew something huge was going to happen?  Well that rush of energy along the back of my neck is what I felt when I was contacted by Kahran from @CreativeSoulPhotography

A World of Curls Tour

For some time I have admired the work of Kahran & Regis a wonderful married couple based in Atlanta GA USA, who specialise in lifestyle photography and visual storytelling.  A stalker of their Instagram page, I often prayed that one day my children would grace their page in full fro glory.  I never dreamed at how this could be possible but WOW!  Doesn't the universe work in the most wondrous of ways because here I am, sharing one of my dreams come true.

Creative Soul Photography started their World Tour in London at the beginning of October 2016 and  requested that Alexander join the first part of their world tour, in which they visited 8 countries held 16 shoots and used 33 models!!! Starting with London then, Amsterdam, Paris, Venice, Santorini, Ghana, South Africa and stopping with Cuba before returning home (for a well earned rest I can imagine) before the next stage of the tour.

That Saturday seemed like a dream, not to mention that I had broken my toe on the day before.  When it happened I cried my eyes out, more because I was worried it would impact on the shoot and that I would be holding my boy back.  With the help of Hubby/Daddy, all was well!

This shoot is a turning point in many ways...  It was the first pro shoot Alexander had ever done without the family and myself behind the camera.  He had not signed to an agency at the time, and only agreed after this shoot, that he was ready and willing to embark on a possible modelling career.
We met some AMAZING people who are becoming firm friends and influencers in our lives.  And, most importantly, we are now World Ambassadors for children with curly, kinky hair.

At a time in history where fear of others is engulfing our being, these images will be remembered.  It is more than hair.  It is the recognition of beauty, the empowerment of youth, the connection with the earth and the global knowledge that as far as we may be from each other, we are one.

Models in order of appearance:  Alexander, Catherine, Riley-Ann, Prince Cash, T'amia, Farouk James.

Girls: Caramel UK

Hair and Makeup: Dionne Smith

Location:  Around Trafalgar Square and Westminster Abbey, London UK

For more images and information on the other locations from the Creative Soul Photography A World of Curls Tour visit their website here

Behind the scenes

Taken by the hubby and I with our iPhones.
Thank goodness for FaceTime, I was struggling with my broken toe so waited in the hotel whilst  the hubby made sure I didn't miss out 😍  Excuse all the weird facial expressions 🙈😂

My resting face though 😂

MiniYogi...  Never leaves it out

Fabulous new friends Kahran and Reg... Beautiful people

Baba Zach was playing in the background!

Beauties 😍


My Gorgeous BabaZach.  
Journey Home

Tired but very happy family 😍😍😍😍😍

There is so much to come, please do subscribe, follow us on our other social media platforms to see what we are doing in real-time!  And, please comment, we do love to hear what you think.

Tomboy -x-

Only Boys and Tomboys are a family of 6, 4 boys aged 23, 14, 8 and 5, Mum and Dad.  5 of us are living in a 3 bed terraced railway cottage in London with a cat, a bearded dragon, a fish and two shrimp

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  1. Anita, wow! I love this so much! This is definitely what this project is about. Alexander was a pure professional so I was surprised that he was not already in the industry. We are honored to have you guys as part of our project and wish you and your beautiful family nothing but the best in the future!


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