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Thursday, 20 September 2018


Update 2018

We are revamping the BLOG but in the meantime, here is a reminder of who we are....

Welcome aboard I am an ex-tomboy; I say ex because since the numbers of boys have risen so highly in my home I wanted to provide an alternative giving myself a notable edge, I love to stand out from the crowd!!

My mother has always complained saying that I robbed her of having a girl, I was never a frills and ribbons girl, and, although I would allow pink in my room decor, pink was a big NO with me.  She started me as a child model, which I hated, then came ballet, gymnastics, ice skating and even swimming classes, all of which I failed miserably at.  Too clumsy and just plain not interested.  Girls brigade I loved, it was all games and camping, messy and rough n tumble, right up my street.  My favourite colour was navy blue, if I had to wear a dress it was a navy blue dress and ooooo racing green!
I often wonder if that's why God gave me all boys, I had tried for a girl, twice!  But it just wasn't meant to be.  The last time we even planned it all out using every ol' wives tale going, Chinese Gender prediction Charts, food, temperature!!  But our excitement at getting pregnant during the 'right' month was short lived as the scan revealed another lil penis!!

I am a mum of boys, although I was initially disappointed, I love it, I am proud of my private army of strong, handsome and caring men.  I can help to groom the next generation of eligible bachelors, the kind that all women want to be with, and, I am the ONLY Queen in my castle, that comes with many perks I assure you.  I live with a Husband a 16 year old, a 9 year old and a 6 year old, 2 cats and a Bearded Dragon in North West London.  My eldest is now 24 years old and flits in and out, as they do!
And so it begins;  5 boys and an ex-tomboy NO FRILLS ALLOWED!!!👀👀👀

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