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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

From Community Garden to Plate; Warm Chard & Kale vegan salad

I am not a food writer, but as eating is something we do more than most things, food tends to be a large part of our lives.

I have the honour of being a committee member of a pocket park in my neighbourhood.  Harlesden Town Garden is a sad rag to welcoming provider story.  What once was a space regulated by prostitutes, drug addicts, dog fighters and ne'er do wells, is now a wonderfully used playground, picnic area, sports cage and productive allotment beds.  One of these allotment bed holders was kind enough, during a local event, to gift me a large bag of own grown, organic chard.

I threw a little something together with a couple of other ingredients that are easy to grow, added a spoon of organic coconut oil, first time using, the result was so good I had to share!  Did I mention that it's Vegan too!!!!

Recipe Here >>>>


- Tomboy x -

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