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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Bloggers Tips... Easy peasy pro pics using your Phone

Even though I studied photography, I am terrible at taking pictures.  SLRs seem to be so bulky and heavy, and I can never remember to take it out with me to capture those candid moments that make a photo 'good'.

The brilliance of phones with a camera is the ease in which they can be used. Light, small, and, in my case, always with me.

I have, an iPhone 6s and have managed to to take wonderful pics, and with some handy apps, can transform them into something magical.

My Top 5 Photo editing Apps


My absolute favourite.  Many use this to beautify themselves, the smooth button gives an airbrushed effect, but for me I use it enhance and sharpen.  I use the detail button to brighten the eyes, enhance eyelashes and curls even hairlines.  The whiten tool is great for subtly whitening teeth, which, when taking impromptu shots of the boys (who often neglect to brush) is much needed.
Patch cleans up marks and the defocus easily blurs the background.  Such an easy app to use, for absolute novices.

Facetune app >>>>>>  Here


It has a fabulous range of filters, at a minimal charge you can purchase the full range of filters that leave Instagram filters in the dust.  I sometimes layer them to achieve a more unique look.

Colorstory app >>>>> Here


A very new app.  I'm a huge fan of the desk top Picmonkey and always use for all of my banner and poster designs in place of Photoshop which was my arch nemesis in college.  I was so happy when the company realised it as a phone app, but have been a little disappointed as there are many of my favourite features missing.  It is, however, a great app.  Simple to use and great for all PicMonkiers!

Picmonkey >>>>> Here 


I have to admit, Ive not yet managed to master this app and am aware it is favourited by many professional photographers.

Snapseed apple >>>> Here  
Snapseed android >>>>> Here


Ok, so this isn't really for editing photos, but is great for making picture collages.  Instagram has introduced their own version, Layout, but Im so used to Photogrid that I forget I even have layout.

Photogrid android app >>>>> Here
Photo grid Apple app >>>> Here

There are no right and wrongs regarding apps to use, but these are great simple apps I use to enhance the look of photos I take using my iPhone and are great for when you are just starting out and/or on a tight budget.

All these can be found in the Apple apps or Android apps

Have fun, check out others, let me know how you get on...
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Tomboy -x-

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