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Friday, 11 December 2015

Review: L’Occitane Almond Milk concentrate, renowned for its cellulite busting properties.

As seen on WoW Beauty (as a guest post)

Oh my, do you not age?

Wow your skin is so soft.

You have 4 kids?!!!

What is your secret?

Four questions I am asked regularly.  My answers?
Believe me I do, thank you, yes I do and there is no secret.

On attending a first Governors meeting at my sons high school I was introduced as the newly elected Parent Governor, my peer sitting next leaned over and whispered, sorry, I thought you were a sixth form student!  I laughed.  It’s been happening a lot.  First can I say, genetics and general mood play a part in how you age.  I am generally up beat and maybe a little bonkers and my mum also looks much younger than her birth certifcate would suggest.

As featured on the fabulous Wow Beauty <<<<<<< Click link

The secret
There really isn’t a secret.  I’ve learnt that my skin loves water.  I grew up watching my mother never using a towel after a bath or shower, but a face flannel patting her skin, then moisturising damp skin.  If my skin is soft like silk, hers is the finest cashmere.  I now appreciate the benefits of this and have added some great products to help me ‘catch up’!

A Routine
It sounds official, but it really is just a way of life.  A method.  A style.  Oooo Style, I like that!  Ok let’s start again.

The Style!
1.     Shower
2.     Massage with oil on wet skin
3.     Pat dry
4.     Smooth over with cream.
It’s as simple as that and may take me all of 10 minutes or less!

I shower with L’Occitane’s Almond shower oil, quite specific I know but my skin LOVES it!  It lathers well on my scrunchy and leaves my skin feeling cleansed and soft.  I don’t buy a lot of products and this doubles up as shaving foam.
Whilst still in the shower I massage my wet skin with olive oil, the stuff you find on the shelves in your supermarket, good enough to go inside, good enough for the outside!  Then, pat dry and add a wonderful indulgence, L’Occitane’s Almond Milk Concentrate.  This product right here…  For years I had been using Body butters which I had upgraded from Astral, a cream I had discovered in my youth, but this… 

Product review:
I was introduced to the brand through my brother who, one Christmas, in his divine wisdom, allowed his girlfriend to choose his Christmas gifts; for me, a box of L’Occitane products, complete with sample packs, two of them were the Almond Milk Concentrate.  I am forever grateful to that girlfriend, wherever she may be now!

The white cream enriched with almond extracts, comes in a clear glass, almost almond shaped, jar with an embossed silver coloured lid.  Straight away I felt that I was acquiring something special, an item that could be displayed in a spot on my chest of drawers.  The cream, on first touch, feels quite light and a little watery, but as you massage into your skin it begins to firm up and smooth out, exactly as it says on the jar.  Cellulite and wrinkles be gone!

The scent is light and quite distinct.  I had been told, on one occasion, that I smelt like marzipan; it’s a good thing he loved marzipan!  It is, for me, a mostly heavenly scent, that works well with my perfumes. 

At £39 for 200ml it is an indulgence for me, the jar lasts me 1 month which, to justify my spend I break down to just £1.26 a day, which means I have change from £5 if I add a glass of wine!  However, on my recent trip to Paris I discovered that it was €38 which equated to £28.20!  A return trip on Eurostar for under £80, purchase enough for a year and I make a saving of £50!  Now what shall I spend that £50 on…

All in all, it is worth the spend and leaves me feeling luxurious regardless of what I wear on top!  As a tomboy mum of four boys it is more than I could wish for.

 Tomboy -x-

Thank you to the wonderful team over at Wow Beauty, I look forward to working with you more in the future

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