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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Euro Road Trip; 4 boys and a lady in 1 car...

A European adventure….

It all started with an invitation to a party.  Now, for those who don’t know me, I LOVE to party, then give me an invite to party abroad?  Lets do this!

Tim and Gary celebrating 124 years, they are both 62 this year, clever right!
The save the date email, opens so beautifully across the screen of my laptop as I lay in bed, browsing through my inbox, skipping over the heavier looking correspondence.

"Give me an invite to party abroad?  Lets do this!"

 I have been totally in love with Tim ever since I visited his garden in Harlesden 2 years ago.  As we know I'm a complete nut for a bit of greenery, to be able to grow and create is awe inspiring, the life, the energy, nothing short of a miracle; to know a ‘landscape architect’, the official term for an artiste in garden design, who has graced a magazine I have subscribed to for longer than my husband would wish?  Say no more.  It was only after, my usual after meeting google job, had it dawned on me that I had visited the personal garden of a gardener I had admired through the pages, talk about the universe working!  Blah blah! I digress.  My usual gush, the friend in my head has quickly become a real friend for life. Result!  (I’m not completely mad after all!).

Gary is Tim’s partner, whom I met briefly in the UK, but have since come to also admire and be in awe of, his artistry has captivated me from sculptures to paintings I am left inspired to write a piece that has had me spin and twist my thoughts and feelings about race.  A subject I haven’t touched in quite some years.  Gary has managed to skip right over the friend in my head stage and jump straight into a friend in my heart.

Two creative, talented, successful and inspiring people who are having a birthday party in Italy.  And so it begins…

Follow us on a short series as we, husband 3 children and myself, travel by car across Europe to Italy and back, visiting 3 countries and several landmarks including the Champagne region of France, camping amongst the Swiss Alps, Ancient Italy and the city of Paris!  The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent.

Such an adventure could never be told all in one go, so return each week for a new segment! And, in the meantime have a look at our Instagram page for pictures.

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Tomboy -x-

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