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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Spring Clean Day 3: Hallways

Day 3 already!  We are halfway through.  Everyone goes back to nursery, school, college and work on a Monday at my house, so it is easier for me to tackle the hallway.

You will have needed to follow Day 1 and Day 2 before you start here.

Things you'll need

  1. Hoover
  2. Mop and bucket
  3. Steamer
  4. Washing up liquid, soda crystals or sugar soap
  5. Rubber gloves
  6. 2 microfibre cleaning clothes, one for general and one to dry.

  • Depending on how long your hallway is and how high your ceilings are, the hallway can be a relatively easy job.  I have a small narrow hallway and landing but you may be lucky enough to have a wider space, housing table, seating, coat area or book area.  As with before, remove and clean all items/accessories including pictures and place in boxes.  File away any letters, recycle old magazines/newspapers and store away winter coats.
  • Open all windows and doors.  You know the routine now... top to bottom.  Ceiling to floor.  
  • Hoover walls with your brush attachment and then floor.
  • Wipe down walls and woodwork.  
Before you do this, you may want to 'snag' your hallway, as it's the most used area.
  1. Do the walls need painting?
  2. Does the woodwork neeed freshening up?
  3. What is lighting like?  Is it adequate?
  4. Do your hall switches match (that's another peeve of mine, mismatched switches and sockets!)
  5. Do all doors and handles match?
  6. Are you happy with the flooring?
  7. What does your entrance door mat say about you?
  8. Do you have holes that need filling?  
Remember, guests may never see the rest of your house but they always see the hallway and first impressions last.  Often the hallway spring clean involves a lick of paint and a change in flooring.  I change my entrance mat bi-annually.  It is a custom fitted jute mat.

  • If you are planning to re-paint, wash walls and woodwork with sugar soap or 2tbsp of soda crystals to clean off all grease and dust; this helps the paint to attach more adequately.
My hallway carpet, I love stripes as it hides the dirt
my bathroom is upstairs so it saves people having
to take their shoes off.  Carpet from Crucial Trading

  • If you are not planning to paint, a simple solution of a couple of squirts of washing up liquid and a teaspoon of soda crystals in a bowl of warm water will do.  Once you've cleaned the walls and woodwork, you will need to clean your carpets using the 'Rug Doctor'.  I have laminate flooring in my entrance hallway and mop with a soda crystal solution.  Now for the steamer!  I then use a laminate wax for a fresh shine.  If your floors are solid wood have a look at this link to Channel4 Homes

  • Once floors are dry you can now replace accessories, take this oportunity to change your pictures in frames; this gives your hallway a simple fresh new look.  It's spring, find somewhere for a flower arrangement, if like me, you have a narrow hallway, how about a flower ring for the front door or single flowers in jars along the stairs.

After years of white woodwork and having a
heartattack every time they looked dirty
I painted all hall woodwork in black.  I love it
and it maintains my sanity!!
Black paint Farrow and Ball Railings

Our gallery wall frames from a variety of stores including The White Company, IKEA and Homesense, I have linked the pics in them, they all have a little red in them.

The stairway to the teens room  light fitting from IKEA

Large pics on wall, discourages hands on the wall so less fingerprints!
Xtra Large frames, Ribba IKEA

Matching stair gate, flowers on the stairs from Sia

I haven't quite decided on which light fittings I want, but I've had the hubby wire in for three.

The baby insisted on getting in on the pic!

From the other side of the bars!  Tomorrow is cleaning day!!

Tomboy -x

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