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Sunday, 24 March 2013

Cooking with Alexander; Caribbean Chicken Soup

It's here! An ode to our upcoming Caribbean break and the chilly change in weather!!  4 year old Alexander cooks another of his favourite meals, Caribbean Chicken soup with his most favourite dumplings!!!

Our portions are big because there are so many of us!!

4 chicken quarters, chopped small
3 tbsp of All purpose seasoning
1 tbsp coarse black pepper
1 tbsp of oil (we always use olive oil)
2 onions
4 pints of water
1 1/2 packets of minestrone soup
1 packet of Jamaican chicken noodle soup
2 eddoes
4 potatoes
2 sweet potatoes
1 savoy cabbage
2 carrots
1 small piece of yam
1 leek

For the dumplings
10 dessert spoon of flour (we've used both plain and self raising before with the same outcomes)
2 tsp of castor sugar (we use unrefined hence the golden colour)
1/4 tsp of salt
a little water to be poured in bit by bit as needed

This can easily be a vegetarian soup, just omit the chicken and the chicken noodle soup.  Replace the Chicken soup packet with a Jamaican pumpkin flavoured soup.  Fry the leek and onions with the all purpose seasoning until onions are clear then follow the rest of the steps.  I usually use kale aswell but hubby couldn't find any in the store (looking in the wrong place probably)  and we forgot to add the butternut squash (we are going to have it roasted, with a lil olive oil and some cracked black pepper with today's dinner; yum!) or you could use pumpkin.

If you have a cold you could add 1 scotch bonnet pepper, these are very hot so be cautious when using and handling, pop it in during the last 20 minutes and take it out after 10 minutes, you do not want it to burst, this intensifies the heat.

This method of making soup had been passed down to me from my mother born in Barbados, not all Barbadians will make there soup like this; I have adapted the ingredients slightly as I use a Jamaican packet soup and the shape of the dumplings are slightly different to my mums!  (as she often points out!)  Oh yes, and the more dumplings the better!!  The longer they cook the more dense they become, Caribbeans love dense dumplings, something you can chew and savour!!!

Caribbean soup is a dense and filling soup so does not need to be served with anything else, in fact, you may be pretty stuffed halfway through the bowl!  


Tomboy -x


  1. Joanne Prescod posted on our facebook page.

    I'm an avid fan of your show Alexander, but this was the best one yet!! Not only are your cooking skills inproving, but so is the dancing, I think i noticed a 'bajan wine lol!! I eagerly await the next cooking experience x'

  2. Suzan Pascall posted on our facebook page

    I love you Alexander. I am a big fan.

  3. Symone Dorsett posted on our facebook page


  4. Tess Williams posted on our facebook page.

    This is so lovely x


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