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Monday, 4 March 2013

Cooking with Alexander, Mac n Cheese

Alexander's debut.  We hope you enjoy our efforts, look out for more videos in the future!

Have a look at Alexanders' NEW video; Sticky spare ribs < click the link


4 year old Alexander from London cooks one of his favourite meals, Mac & Cheese; making a bechamel sauce with cheese and adding to cooked pasta. Even 1 year old baby brother looks on learning what to do. It's a truly family affair with mum helping and daddy filming. The first in the 'Cooking with Alexander' series an extension of the blog
Ingredients needed for this recipe:

Macaroni or pasta shapes (we used spirali)
Cheddar Cheese (we used extra mature for that extra cheesy taste!)
Onions (Alexander uses frozen ready chopped onions to eliminate teary eyes! But mummy usually chops fresh onions when she cooks)
Plain Flour
Black pepper
Mixed Vegetables (you can cook the veg with the pasta half way through the pasta cooking, we did ours seperate as that is daddy's preference!)

Have a look at our NEW video Sticky spare ribs < click the link

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