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Friday, 9 December 2016

Countdown to Christmas

Originally written on 1st December but delayed in posting due to technical difficulties

Forget about Game of Thrones 'Winter is Coming'.  For us, that unknown monster of mystery is Christmas.  The House is currently a building site, our break away to Barbados has been cancelled and there is a general uncertainty in the air; what is really going to happen? The universe is working away in the background with a plan that none of us quite know or understand as yet.  But I can feel it and am more or less, going with the flow.  Whilst everyone else is blogging about and posting Instagram pics of their Christmas preparations, I am, well, I am!  I was tempted to pop into a store, take a picture of their tree and post it on Instagram tagging Tree.  Well its not quite a lie!

Usually by now, I have a colour scheme and the entire month of December planned, this time we are getting the house liveable and may throw up a 6ft tree a few days before Christmas.  Perhaps a wreath for the door and thats the lot.  As I type, Im remembering the lights still hung outside.  Those could switch on.  What more could we possibly want.  The excitement of a practically new house should be enough to keep us happy and with a feast on the cards, will be relying on my mum to prepare that this year!  Shhhhh!  She doesn't know yet.

For those of you who are not leaving it to the universe to provide, here are a few tips I usually adhere to.


Just like a Spring clean, the pre-christmas clean is important preparation.  Before you begin to completely re-decorate your home with stars, angels and trees, make sure your windows are clean, spider webs brushed away and floors gleaming in preparation for the rush of guests you'll inevitably have over the coming month.
For help with the how-to have a look at an old but very popular previous post of ours HERE >>>>

Clean Bedrooms

Clean Bathrooms

Clean Hallways

Clean living areas

Cleaning Checklists

Go Crazy with decorations,

Although we won't be decorating very much this year, it is the one time you can go all out!  Cut some Ivy that is taking over a wall, play with colour, get the biggest tree yo can fit into your home and don't follow rules!😜 Christmas is supposed to be fun, so have fun!

Purchase Presents

If you haven't already, make a list of gifts and buy them.  Wrap as you purchase, and hide them away.  It is sooo much easier than scrambling on the last week trying to find that all elusive gift that EVERYONE wants.  Adults are easy, I always feel that homemade is best, cookies, jam, a cake or a favourite cordial decanted into a pretty bottle.  Get children to write a letter to Santa, or if older, a list.  My boys are used to requesting two gifts.  One from Santa and one from family, so far the requests have never been too outrageous, the teen wants a game console but has saved up £160 himself, all he asks is that we put towards it and purchase so that he can play it on Christmas Day.  Anyone who asks what my boys would like for christmas reinforced to buy into the pot for the game console.  £10 each is quite sufficient. If there isn't enough, he will have to wait until there is.  SIMPLES.

Plan Days out

I know it is getting colder here in the UK, but schedule times out with the family, Pantomimes, Santa visits, the Theatre, Shopping Trips and Ice Skating.  The month goes by pretty quickly, there are days when you are literally stuck indoors together or visiting friends and family, so schedule in some fun!
Get your Game on
It maybe a cliche, but having an array of board games and play together toys means you are not stuck for things to do, it also balance out how much television is watched.  Chess tournaments are big at our house, with my Dad being the current reigning champion.  The 22 year old is preparing to win his crown back over the holidays!  Street Fighter is also a huge favourite, my brother is an animator and has been living in Japan for the past two years, but when he was here, he was head for head with my husband.  A real male bonding session!  I'm a card game and dominoes whizz, and Alexander is the champion of 'pick up sticks'.  There are games for all tastes, ages and abilities.

Stock up and Cook ahead

Don't go too crazy, nowadays the shops remain open pretty much every day of the holidays, but add a few extras to your usual shop in order to offer your guests a little something.  I do that and have a section in my kitchen 'just for guests' so the boys don't demolish it all.  Cook side dishes in large batches in advance and freeze, that way you can defrost and add to 'spread' in case of surprise guests.

Plan in some time for yourself

If you burn out, there is no Christmas.  Take time to look after and treat yourself.  Christmas belongs to you as much as it does everyone you are trying to please.  Have a bubble bath, spa day, drinks with friends, an evening in front of the television or do all.  Laugh loudly, rest when needed and enjoy!

I hope you all enjoy the coming month
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Tomboy -x-

Only Boys and Tomboys are a family of 6, 4 boys aged 22, 14, 7 and 4, Mum and Dad.  5 of us are living in a 3 bed terraced railway cottage in London with a cat, a bearded dragon, a fish and two shrimp

We share fashion, food, holidays, home decor, what we read and how we live.  All of it through blogs, vlogs and instapics.  We each have social media platforms covering many a topic with followers on each.


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