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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

How to Cook Turkey Burgers; 7 year old Alexander Cooks Tasty Turkey Burgers

Why get a take away chicken burger when you can make a healthier turkey burger at home.

Alexander shows us how to make a tasty turkey burger in record time with the help of his little brother Zach!  Watch our video.


6 thin turkey steaks
2 tablespoons of dried all-purpose seasoning
1/2 tablespoon of black pepper
2 cups of Plain flour
2 large eggs
2 cups of Panko

Vegetable oil
6 burger buns
Dressings of your choice

How to:

Mix flour and seasonings well in a bowl
Mix eggs in a separate bowl

Dip turkey steaks into seasoned flour, cover well, dip into mixed egg then cover thoroughly with the panko.

Pour a centimetre of oil in a frying pan and put on a moderate heat.  The oil is ready when it bubbles slightly when the turkey goes in.

Fry gently until golden on both sides, remove and gently shake excess oil.  place onto a plate with kitchen roll to again, remove any excess oil.  

Leave to cool for a short while and place in a bun with salad and the dressings of your choice!

Et Viola....  EAT and enjoy!

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