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Monday, 16 June 2014

A Modern family and How we Keep Tech Fun and Safe

Photo Credit:
Vodafone Digital Parenting Magazine
Used with permission from Vodafone Marketing

The boys and I were asked, by Digital Parenting Magazine, what our thoughts were on the use of technology within everyday life.  We are a reasonably tech savvy family from my 80 year old Grandmother down to lil 2 year old Zach and have used technology to enhance our everyday lives.

The infamous line from George Orwell's 1984
"Big Brother is Watching You."  

Big Brother may indeed be watching, as you are also watching Big Brother, but you can control what is seen.
Fear is the unknown; the best way to tackle that is through knowledge!

My husband and I see technology as progression, whether positive or negative, change will always be, so why not understand so as to ensure our children go out into the world with confidence and a thirst for more.

Just as with all traditional forms of 'home teaching', the use of technology, it's dangers and benefits are shared as a family group.

 "There is a time and place for everything"

As strong believers of the statement, there is a time and place for everything; all our boys have access to technology built around their ages and abilities, rules and boundaries come with everything in life so why not this also?

A couple of tips ...

  • Always know what devices your children own, insure them and set parental controls (your chosen store of purchase can help you with that)
  • Timetable usage just like homework and chores
  • When purchasing devices for your children think about why they need them.  Do they need them?  Many devices do the same thing too much of anything is no good
  • What are the schools rules? Are they permitted to take a mobile into school?
  • Teach the DANGERS.  From flashing an expensive phone or tablet around for thieves, to cyber bullying and predators, know your dangers and make children aware
  • Teach RESPECT.  Ensure your children understand the value of the equipment they have been entrusted with, try not to upgrade too often so that items are treasured and respected for longer. They should also learn how to behave whilst using the internet.  Being rude, mean and disrespectful is just as unacceptable online as off.
  • SUPERVISE.  Until a child is savvy enough, keep an eye out.
  • LEARN!  Your teen is on snapchat.  Don't know what that is?!  Ask.  The internet can answer all your questions just ask.  There are many online forums and blogs that can help you to understand the devices and even social media sites you children may frequent.
  • TALK.  All relationships work better with communication, talk to your children freely, ask questions and be open to questions, and, if you don't know...... say, 'I don't know, but I can find out!'

Have Fun, there are so many positives to be overly concerned with the negatives, you are never too young or too old to learn something new!!

Tomboy -x-

The full interview by Vodafone', Digital Parenting Magazine, is available to read online; it discusses not only our views as a family but lots of great advice should you be unsure on how to manage your child’s access to the internet and other tech such as the gaming world and mobile phones.

Vodafone are committed to giving parents the knowledge and support they need to help them and their families get the most out of digital technology.  Digital Parenting Magazine was first published in 2010 and has been distributed to more than one million families across the UK for free.

Please follow the link for the full interview >>>>CLICK HERE

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