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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Product Review; Toddler Mini Scooter

I'm beginning to believe that we are brand junkies.  Wherever you turn there are Apple products, Beats headphones, Siemens appliances, Hollister tops and now Micro Scooters!  When we like a product or a brand we stick to it!  When the toddler Mini Scooter came out we couldn't wait for the baby's first birthday to purchase one for him.  

With the seat and toddler 'o' handle it was perfect for a beginner.  My older boys all had micro scooters, my eldest being the first with the old metal two wheeler that folded down and was customised with flashy wheels.  The amount of times that damn thing swung around and whacked my ankle, Micro Scooter have come a long way!  The scooters of today are lightweight colourful, easily customised and owned by just about every kid I know.

Wherever we go there is a scooter in tow!

Starting at around £70 a Micro Scooter is not cheap, but, my 10 year old has had his for about 6 years and it's still going strong, even after all the tricks, jumps and shoving into the under stairs cupboard.  I also love that if anything does go wrong, there are spare parts available for purchase;  I smell a good handmedown!  

Broken part

The Mini Scooter is the next size down, it looks just like the Micro Scooter but with a shorter t-bar, we had an issue with our first Mini Scooter as a part snapped within five months, I have to say that as a notorious customer complainer, I was super impressed with the Micro Scooter customer service team who replaced our scooter within two days of my initial call.  We were so happy we sent them a pic of Alexander on the new scooter with a huge smile!  I wish all companies were like that, OFFICE take note.

A happy boy October 2011

On receiving his scooter for the first time the baby struggled a little to climb onto the seat, this was short lived as he mastered this by the end of the first day.  The next step was to learn how to ride it!  As he couldn't keep up with his elder brothers he would often just get off and push or drag the scooter, he then, obviously believing that there was something wrong with scooter, abandoned his scooter altogether favouring his brothers mini scooter and throwing massive fighting tantrums to the utter dismay of little Alexander who has lost several clumps of hair through the process.  We originally thought it was because Alexanders scooter is a neon yellow with different coloured handle bars and then it came to us!  That light bulb moment!  Lets remove the seat.  The video below is day 2 of living without the seat.  Myself and many passers-by at the park were amazed at how well he used the scooter for his young age.

He no longer fights for his brothers scooter and is getting better at riding every day.  I highly recommend purchasing a Mini/Micro scooter for your little one, they have provided our family with years of fun and entertainment and, although everyone has one, you can customise and decorate yours to your child's personality.  Win win!

I purchased the toddler micro scooter at John Lewis as I had wanted to see it in the flesh as it were, but the other two were purchased on-line from

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