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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

International Travelling.... Travel style, first impressions

Yesterday my mother arrived here in Barbados, it seemed strange to be waiting at the airport to collect her amongst the rest of the tanned and glowing watching the dull and tired come through with their piles of cases scanning the crowd for a familiar face or name board.  I suddenly became quite self-aware.  As I sat waiting I realised I was watching myself as I looked at the passengers dressed in black heavy clothing, boots and cardigans, hair a little dishevelled, skin dull and listless.

“Note to self, don’t wear black”

I should also add navy to that mix.  Why not start the holiday as I mean to go on, light and airy.  A lady dressed in khaki green trousers and a cream shirt floated through.  She looked wonderful; prepared.
A few men in suits, hmmmm, team building exercise?
Then an unexpected familiar face.  An old friend of mine on his way to a business seminar, Julian Hall of Ultraprenuer fame.  If you haven’t read his book, you need to!!  Directly behind, came my mother, I was so busy greeting Julian, I almost missed her.  Dressed in black trousers and a checkered short sleeved top, she actually looked bright.  Was that bronzer on her face?

“Note to self, let mom style me for travel.”

The next time I got to the airport will be when my husband and two eldest return to the UK.  I wonder how that will go.  Oh well that’s a little way away, on with the holiday.

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