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Friday, 29 March 2013

Spring cleaning day 4: Living areas

I apologise for the delay in day 4 post if you have been cleaning along with me.  As Alexander had taken ill and was home for a day and my duties for the funeral being pushed back, it had put my entire schedule out of sync.   However.  As today is the last day before the Easter holiday begins, and my 10 year old will be having a guest over for a sleepover, today is my last attempt to get things done.  There will be a separate day 5 and 6 post although I aim to complete the three days in one!  Wish this supermum luck!

We will be cleaning the living room and dinning room.  You will need to start with a relatively tidy room first.  Follow my weekly checklist and maintain regularly.  Remember these are deep clean instructions.

I had already returned the Rugdoctor straight after the hall as my entire downstairs flooring is laminate and, my settee covers are removable.
As before all accessories are to be cleaned and boxed, I place all glass and chinaware into the dishwasher on an eco-delicate wash, I have a Siemens dishwasher, if you do not have this setting place on your most delicate wash, refer to your machines handbook.

Start at the top and work your way down!

Remove all window fittings and upholstery covers, if possible.  Clean as specified by manufacturer.  I have blinds in my front room, they are actually plastic although you'd never know it.  The bulk of them are so easy to clean but I find the fabric strip a nightmare, I place my blinds in the bath and use a scrubbing brush with washing powder and a couple of drops of bleach.  It's not perfect but it's an improvement.  If anyone has any other tips, please do place them in the comment box below, I am always interested in trying out new methods.

Move your large furniture into the centre of the room and using the cleaning solution from the bathroom cleaning post, wipe down walls, woodwork and furniture.  I then use furniture polish to buff up a shine on furniture!

Cleaning windows used to be a bugabear with me.  I hate streaks, I've tried the vinegar and lemon with newspaper method but wasn't happy, my mum gave me a bottle of 'Nilglass' purchased from the Ideal Home exhibition a good 10 years ago; I haven't looked back since.  I purchase mine from Lakeland.  I also use this to clean my chandeliers; spray a little on your glass cloth and wipe!  I hoover the chandelier first with a stocking over the nozzle so as not to damage the beads.

In desperate need of a clean!

As with the hallway, clean your flooring according to floor type. I tend to place all furniture stacked as safely as possible, on one side of the room then when floor is dry, move to the other side, lifting not dragging.  You will definitely need help for this, it's not worth the agony you could be in by doing it alone.

Again, take a step back, do these rooms need a little re-decorating?

Now you are finished, it's on with the next room, the kitchen!

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