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Friday, 22 March 2013

Spring Cleaning Day 1: Bedrooms

Okura Hotel Amsterdam

As promised here is post number 1, starting your spring clean.

I always believe in starting at the top and working your way down, so, on day 1 we start in the bedrooms.  As we are starting on a Saturday everyone is home so help is at hand.  This Saturday my children have a birthday party to go to so a lot will need to be done before midday!  I aim to start at 9am.

What you'll need

  1. Boxes to temporarily store all your items
  2. Hoover with hand held attachment and an old stocking
  3. Carpet shampooer, I use 'The Rug Doctor' which can be hired from several retailers across the country
  4. A Steamer try the Polti pocket steamer, also if your carpets are not too dirty this can clean them too instead of the Rug Doctor
  5. A bowl of warm soapy water
  6. 2 microfibre cloths
I've provided links to the items I use but you can choose your own products

First up, this is a deep clean, so rooms should already be tidy, have a look at my cleaning checklists to see what should be done on a weekly basis.  The rules of top to bottom are also applied to the in room furnishings.

  • Take down any window fittings, either wash by hand, washing machine or dry clean as instructed by the manufacturer.  My eldest has a roller blind which can be cleaned with a cloth dipped into warm soapy water.  The two other rooms have machine washable curtains so in the machine they go.  This could be a perfect time to replace any heavy window fittings you may have with lighter ones for the coming warmer weather.
  • Open your windows, wide!
  • Remove all items from surfaces, shelves, dressers, wardrobes; place in boxes, and vases and glass wear can be placed into the dishwasher wipe other items with a slightly damp cloth before boxing, delicate items can be hoovered.  Quick tip.   Place an old stocking over the hoover nozzle to prevent damage.  Throw away any items no longer needed, empty bottles papers etc...  Make sure you recycle them.  All boxes including underbed storage should be kept in another room, out of the way. 
  • Strip your bed, all bedding needs to go to wash, pillows and quilts to dry clean or machine wash.  I always use my local launderette for this as the have great big machines, the driers are also very good, you don't want your pillows to spoil if they haven't dried fast enough.
  • Hoover all surfaces, use your small brush attachment, also hoover around architraves, along the seam of the wall where it meets the ceiling and over the top of the skirting boards.  Hoover light fittings, again use the stocking.
  • Hoover your floors and mattress' on all sides, top and bottom.
  • Use a damp cloth with warm soapy water to wipe all surfaces, walls, woodwork, windows, top of wardrobe etc...  Quick tip.  Use a soft dry microfibre cloth to dry silverware and glass immediately to avoid streaks and put a couple of drops of baby sterilising fluid into your soapy water with a couple of cut lemons.  Your surfaces can also be steam cleaned
All bedrooms rooms done to this point?

Time to bring out the carpet shampooer (if you have carpet) and the steamer!
The steamer is perfect for your mattress.  Once you've finished all this I believe a break is in order and a cup of tea!  Wait for the carpets to be dry.

Once the carpets are dry it's time to organise.  Sort through your clothes and place into 3 piles, keep, recycle and give away.  Be ruthless.  Pack away any winter items into a suitcase or boxes.  We keep ours in our loft but if you don't have a loft, place them in a vacuum bag and store underbed.  Old makeup and products should be disposed of.  This is also a perfect time to look at how things are stored.  Compartmental boxes are great for keeping things organised and organised means tidy!

When I first found these >>> Martha Stewart videos on how to fold clothes and linen, my family and I used them as a game, it's hilarious to see how stuck people get when first trying them out!!  Look out for our video showing how we all do them now.  Folding your items well, will help to keep your drawers tidy.

Now you're ready to put things back, make the bed and hang the curtains.  Day 1 finished!

My Bedroom at home

My Bedroom

A room I designed for a client.  She wanted to keep the floors, budget.

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