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Monday, 9 July 2012

Aaaaaaaarrrggh TEENAGERS!!!

When he's in he wants to be out, he eats walks around for a bit then comes the complaining. When he's out he complains if no-one is there to let him in.  He is either sleeping or eating with nothing in between and then there are the females, there is always a different one hanging around, I call him to come in at a certain time but does he want to come in, No!  But, in the unreasonable hours of the morning that's when the calling begins.

You love him and dislike him at the same time and he is hard work, but, at times he can be wonderful, sweet and still quite innocent; you just have to remember that it's a stage, the last one before adulthood as they do not stay small for long...  He hasn't at all, at just 9 months old, Raven, our cat is now a quintessential teenager.  With all the traits of my eldest son and more, he drives me potty and makes me laugh at the same time.  Does he want to be in? Or out?  It's like that advert about the milk; if cats had thumbs!  He would definitely be the owner of a shiny back door key!  What ever happened to that tiny, innocent little black bundle my husband brought home?  If he could do a Kevin and Perry I believe he most certainly would, I can see it in his eyes when I shoo him off of the dining room sofa.  If you have seen The Rise of the Planet of the Apes you will remember the part where Caesar says his first word 'No'.  I see Raven at that point saying 'it's not fair',  a stroppy teenage cat's first words '.

Well at least he will grow out of it just as quickly as he came into it..  Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the other teenager in the house whose teenage years seem to be stretching waaaay too long, maybe I need to try him with a little catnip!

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