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Monday, 11 June 2012

Mash but no bangers...

My 3 year old makes me laugh, he is certainly one in a million when it comes to eating.  He has an odd way of eating that I cannot fathom.  most children have a pattern, they hate vegetables, or, don't like meat.  Some prefer only to eat when their food is bone cold, others refuse to eat a cooked meal, but my 3 year old will eat anything, just not at any one time...

Let me explain...

Last week he wanted sausages for lunch...  Just sausages, no bread, no beans, no pasta, just sausages.  He ate two.  The following day he wanted bread, no butter.  Yesterday's dinner was stewed steak with rice n black-eyed peas, Bajan style, and cauliflower which he had second helpings of; today was a good ol' fashioned kids favourite, Bangers and Mash with garden peas.

He ate the peas first, then the mash and said he'd had enough and didn't want the sausages, my 9 year olds eyes darted to the fat beef sausages sitting on the plate laying claim with his imaginary laser vision, scoring his initials carefully!  The two sausages looked so dejected, sitting on the plate, remnants of creamy mash lightly kissed along one side;  I had to ask, 'Are you sure?'  'I don't want any more, may I have a drink please?' was the answer, well that was that.  I remember my mum always told us to never leave your meat til last, back in Barbados she would have to fight off, brothers, cousins and even the dog for her meat and here was my 3 year old turning it down.......for today.
Much to the dismay of my 9 year old the 3 year old announced 'May be I would like them tomorrow'  May be indeed!!

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