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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Isossy Children at House of Ikons for LFW AW17

One of the highlights of being a mum is when your child is celebrated by others.  Whether it be a complimentary teacher, a stranger on a bus or a room full of people applauding as your son rips the runway.  I truly had a 'Thats my baby' moment as Alexander walked the very long and, what I would find, daunting runway under the bright lights and stares for Isossy Children at The House of Ikons show for London Fashion Week.  He did fab!  It was truly an amazing moment to be a part of and an inspiring collection to view.

Prep & Backstage

He woke up early, as always, even though I told him to have a lie in.  Dad made sure he ate a large breakfast, soaked in a warm bath and brushed his teeth like a dentist on a mission!  When he got out  we oiled his wet skin, pat him dry then applied a lotion.  He wore easy clothing (there is a lot of in an out of clothes in modelling) and packed a bag with, fruit, snacks, a bottle of water and a book to read.

We travelled by tube which has become our go to mode of transport for jobs.  Alexander loves it. 
It is a lovely time for us to have one to one also, which is limited at home.  His book of choice on this day was 'The Young Magicians and the Thieves Almanac' by Nick Mohammed. (affiliated link)

There was a lot of waiting and practice which gave us the chance to meet the other children and their parents.  We walked around the hotel and found quiet pockets for some downtime.  With several other runway shows happening you can imagine how full on it was, so those pockets of calm and quiet were good for both of us.

Enroute to fittings the day before, notice the graze...
I damned near lost my self when he fell on his face  just 5 days before 😩.  Thank goodness for Vitamin E oil, healed it in a flash.  The scab fell off during the night before the big day!!

Arriving the morning of the show

Yaaaaaassssss!!!  GET IT!!!

Back Stage 'Titbits'

Sneak preview of the runway

It's big but our boy is not fazed

He fit right in to the very plush interiors of the hotel.  Natural born luxe

Mama and boy giving best 'rock' face!!! I wore my 'Stay fierce' leggings from H&M as support, and of course, full fro!

Lawd....  This was a hard shot to get, he kept sliding off and we were paranoid the hotel staff would come along and tell us off!!!  He managed it like a pro and I got a quick snap with time to catch him as he fell off as soon as I took it!!! 😂😂😂

He has the most knock knees!!!  

Practicing his walk!!

Twining with his stage sister from Looks Like Me Model Agency

Practise run through

Amazing Arabella and that Amazing undo!

It's a hard life being a star.... Clearly!!!

Always time for a little zen!  MiniYogi

The Show

Filmed by Selma at Looks Like me Talent Agency 😍

The moment Alexander put on this shirt, his posture adjusted.  He stood straight, shoulders back, chest out and chin lifted just a little!  I actually laughed when he came to me fully styled by Ashlyn Gibson and in shoes customised by AfroFly.  It was a different outfit to the one he had tried on fitting day so was a reveal for me.  He sauntered over with grace and an heir of importance.  You could see in his face how much he loved what he was wearing and I had a glimpse of the man he would become.

To say that the day was a life changer is an understatement.  What most people don't know is that Alexander is very shy (he gets it from dad) but pushes through that to model.  I admire his strength and courage and appreciate what it must take for him to meet new people and be stared at.  He did, as you can see in the footage, make us all proud walking in front of a room full of people with all focus on him.  Bright lights, a gaggle of photographers whoops and cheers from the unknown; we are so very thank full to Amanda and her team for giving him the opportunity to shine and see all that he may become.  Now don't get me wrong, his aspirations aren't those of fame and stardom, he has not wished to be a celebrity when he grows up.  He actually wants to be an Architect, but the fact that he has been presented with  a challenge to overcome and has succeeded is the ultimate in confidence building that will stand with him for the future.  As a true Isossy Child; He stands, he shouts "I AM POSSIBLE"  and that he is...  


 After Show

Our gorgeous love Riley-Ann from Looks like Me Talent Agency

Celebratory drinks!!!
The Dream Team L-R King Che, Alexander, Farouk James, Junior Style London, Jaadin The Kid  The Ultimate #SquadGoals

Our cool brother @King_Che9 such love and admiration for this superstar

On the way home and I thought this was absolutely perfect...

The END...  or is it?

Isossy Children create culturally infused collections for kids, delivering a message of modern heritage and diversity in high end fashion.  Their collections bring fierce individuality through vivacious colour and textile prints all made by the brand.  'Passion and Play' is the newest collection for AW17/18.  It is for boys and girls aged 2-12 years.  The collection explores textures and textiles, mixing it into a warm blend of rich hues and tactile wonderment.  It is playful and deeply expressive an embodies the core beliefs of diverse globalness.

Hurrah!  Well done Isossy Children, we will be one of the first to purchase as this collection becomes available.

Clothing by Amanda Rabor Isossy Children
Stylist: - Ashlyn Gibson
Shoe designer: - Leslyn Fraser AfroFly
Creative Director: - Denise Rabor
Hair & Make up: - Taniya K Beauty Academy
Hosts: - House of IKONS
Location: - Millenium Hotel
Photographer of stage shots: - Paradesi Photos
Photos by me shot using iPhone 6s
Models shown: -

There is so much to come, please do subscribe, follow us on our other social media platforms to see what we are doing in real-time!  And, please comment, we do love to hear what you think.

Tomboy -x-

Only Boys and Tomboys are a family of 6, 4 boys aged 23, 14, 8 and 5, Mum and Dad.  5 of us are living in a 3 bed terraced railway cottage in London with a cat, a bearded dragon, a fish and two shrimp

We share fashion, food, holidays, home decor, what we read and how we live.  All of it through blogs, vlogs and instapics.  We each have social media platforms covering many a topic with followers on each.


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