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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Invited Product Review: OZERI Digital kitchen scales

As you know, we are cooks and bakers.  They say a bad tradesman blames his tools, but, in many cases, not having the right tools can affect your outcomes.  Baking is a prime example.  The more accurate your measurements and following the correct process will make the world of difference to achieving perfection.

We were approached to review a set of digital scales and jumped at the chance.
The Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale (5 kg / 11 lb Edition), Tempered Glass in Elegant Black.
 We couldn't be any happier.
It is a slim, good looking scale that could pass for a tablet.  Easy to clean and easy to store.  And a snip at only £14.99 available at Amazon.  So far we haven't had any issues, but will let you know if that changes.

We started with placing the bowl on the device, reset to zero then poured in the sugar.  We then reset to zero again and put in the butter.  And so on and so on....  SIMPLES!! 😁

Watch the video and follow the affiliate link below to purchase your own!

Ozeri Touch Digital Kitchen Scale affiliate link >>>

We'd love to know what you use in your kitchen.  Are you still non-digital?  Would you try it out?  Leave comments in the box below and don't forget to subscribe!!!!

Tomboy -x-

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