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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

D I Y in a weekend; Replace the sealant around your bath

Welcome to a new feature on our blog.  DIY in a weekend

The hubby is a builder.  He is qualified in Electrical installation, plumbing and heating, plastering and bricklaying.  He has a team of guys who join him on jobs, their skills are carpentry, painting and decorating also boiler installation and maintenance.  With all of those skills and abilities surrounding me, you'd think my house was immaculate.  You'd be sadly mistaken!  By the time he has wrapped up a job and walked away from another beautiful home with its very happy inhabitants, he is way too tired to bother with home.  So here comes me, with my Pinterest ideas and my sly womanly ways...

'Babe...  Wouldn't it be a great idea if we filmed some of your work, with tips and tricks and popped it onto your website.'  

Ladies you see where Im going, its an age old trick.

'We could have a section on the family YouTube channel, like those guys you like to watch, you could be one of them.  If you're interested in them, someone would be interested in you.  It would open up some new opportunities, and showcase your work'  

Wait for it...

'It would be easier to start with little things around the house first as you would need permission from clients before you film at their homes.'

 D I Y in a weekend is born.  Ok, so no-one tell him.  And so it starts.  The series should really be called 'Getting my house in order!'

The plan is to get him to do a little job each week, film it, edit and pop onto our YouTube channel and of course share with you here.  So whilst my house gets done, we can share those essential little tips with you to also get your house up to speed for the coming Christmas season.

If there is anything you would like to learn how to do, please do let us know in the comment box or email us we would be happy to do a tutorial for you.

Tutorial 1

Step by by step how to replace silicone around your bath.

Why would you need to replace the silicone around your bath?  Perhaps there is a leak or there is a mould build up

It will cost you the price of a tube of silicone, on average £5, masking tape and your time!

Silicone, masking tape, silicone remover, stanley knife/scraper or chisel as used in film.

How long will it take?
A couple of hours depending on how difficult it is to remove the silicone

Remove silicone

Clean up area

Tape off area with masking tape

Apply silicone

Use finger to smooth out silicone

Remove masking tape, must be done whilst still wet

All done.  Now enjoy!  You'll be surprised how this simple job can make your bathroom look brand new!!!

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