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Monday, 7 November 2016

D I Y in a weekend: Under Stairs Laundry in a small family house

Visitors to my home are often surprised how well we all cram into our 3 bed London Railway Terrace.  Stuff and all.  If you have been a regular reader of my posts, you would see I am big on organisation and luxury living, even with my ghetto budget!

We are in the process of renovating our downstairs living spaces including kitchen, dining and living/tv rooms.  

Starting with our under stairs space, we are transforming our home to match our current needs.  Clutter free, organised, accessible and beautiful is the brief!  Follow us on our journey as we DIY ourselves to a simpler way of living!

When I first had the idea to place our washing machine and dryer under the stairs, it seemed brilliant. We had just put in a new kitchen and moving those items out of the space made room for other things such as a full sized dishwasher!

Having lived with it for 7 years, we are now ready for its next phase.  Pinterest and YouTube videos at the ready, I think I have put together a design that will tick all my boxes in a few simple steps.  Can I just also add, when I decided to actually kick this project off.  I was only my second week in of a broken toe, and had not left the house during that period.  Probably my motivation.  Johann was annoyed when I impulsively started!  I was like.. Meh..  It's done now.

Step 1

What is in there, and what needs to be in there.

This was just some of the contents of my under stairs cupboard!!  

A lot of the YouTubers I watched had garages and extra rooms, of which we have neither, so for us, the under stairs cupboard did everything those extra spaces did.  In it was building supplies, like extra spindles for the staircase and wall and floor tiles.  The children' outdoor toys, water guns, kites etc... 
My tool box and bags, as well as the laundry baskets, recycling box, hoover, ironing board, iron, washing powder box and other bits linked to washing and ironing clothes.  It was heaving.

I removed EVERYTHING including the doors and the partition walls then made three piles of the contents; throw out, keep, pass on.  It's funny because I found a bag full of old papers and magazines that were marked 2010.  I clearly hadn't been in that bag for years but had never gotten rid of it.  In the bottom was Johann' wedding ring we thought he had lost.  Result!
I knew I needed, space for 

Dirty washing
Iron and board
Mop and bucket
Broom, dustpan and brush
Recycling bin
Tool box
Washing Products 

Step 2

Draw up a plan
With an empty space, I measured and drew out how everything would fit even working in somethings from under the sink and moving some things elsewhere.  I already had a design, colour scheme and paint for the space and my husband plastered and patched up the walls for me in preparation, with help from the boys.

We then painted the space ready for the next step

Mini helpers

A few more coats me thinks!

Step 3

Fit large items

This is when the machines went back in and the cupboards were fitted, they are Ikea Metod, kitchen wall cases;  they were being thrown out so we got them for free.  There are lots of places you can look for free cases such as Gumtree.  
One of them needs cutting down so that they are even along the bottom, Johann' tool for that is on another job so I have to wait.  This is when the worktop would go in, but, as I am working to a budget and searching, I haven't yet found one.
I then placed into position, the laundry and recycling boxes.  

 Step 4

Organised small storage

This is where you can be creative.  Get boxes and baskets to fit your colour scheme and beautify.  I grouped like things together and hid away in boxes so the area remains clutter free and pleasing to the eye.  Have a look at my YouTube video to see exactly how it is all laid out. >>>>> HERE

What do you think?  How do you organise your laundry?  What have you done with your under stair space?
I'd love to know your thoughts, and may add them to my space.  Please comment and subscribe it's free!!!

Tomboy -x-



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