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Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Our new Fishy Friends; Product Review with Tetra Aquariums

A few weeks ago we attended an event in Old Street Underground station, put on by Tetra, the pioneers of flake fish food and makers of beautiful aquariums.  This inspired us to take the plunge and introduce three new members to the family.

There were aquariums full of fish, shrimp, even a large turtle which the boys were besotted by, memories of swimming with turtles in the Barbadian sea sparked up conversations of our next trip 'home'.  We all learnt so much, with an expert available for all of the boys questions which there were many.  There was a face painter who quite simply an artist more than your average.  We were introduced to Quiver>>>> HERE, a fun app that brings the childrens coloured in pictures alive.  Genius!


We are a pet family, a cat, a lizard, the boys have wanted a dog but I never felt it was fair as we just wouldn't have the time to provide what a dog needs and with all our current responsibility adding another 'child' to our mix is just not an option.  We had been talking about fish for some time and I believe having pets is a great way for children to learn responsibility.  Our cat Raven is mainly my responsibility, Spike the lizard, is Louie' and after caring for their own veggie patch (I don't believe on them practicing on an actual pet), I felt the tweenies were ready for their own.

The Tetra event convinced me that it was possible, and when they asked if we'd like to try out their Cascade Globe Aquarium, I jumped at the chance.

Stylish and simple, it comes in black which fits perfectly with the decor in the boys room, I did, and still do tell the boys  that fish like tidy bedrooms, so our first step was to organise the room and make space for our new additions.  It was so simple to set up.  I popped the filter in, placed the bowl on the stand and plugged it in.  That's literally it!  This is a Freshwater fish tank, there is no heater.

Fits in beautifully I think

 Our next step was to prepare the water.  Using tap water it was filled leaving 3 inches from the top.   We had purchased a bag of white gravel, which was rinsed in a colander until the water ran clear before placing into the tank, this made the water level rise so we emptied some.  Tetra AquaSafe which protects fish and plants against harmful substances in tap water and adds vital components was then added.  It turns the water blue and then dissipates, which gave the boys even more to talk about!

We then added Tetra EasyBalance which acts to maintain the water properties in order to reduce the amount of times you need to change the aquarium water!  Tick, tick and tick again.  My childhood memories of fish tanks were quite similar to the scenes in 'Finding Nemo'  where the tank gets all slimy and smelly and no-one wants to clean it out, so this stuff is imperative to maintaining a simple routine.

My childhood memories of fish tanks were quite similar to the scenes in 'Finding Nemo'  where the tank gets all slimy and smelly and no-one wants to clean it out 
Choosing fish was fun and a lot easier than I had imagined.  The boys came to a quick agreement after a consultation, with the sales assistant at our local Pets at Home store, who explained that for the size of the tank we could have only one fish, but we could add as many shrimp as we wanted.  So they chose Jack a Zebra Danio and Kronus and Kink the shrimp.

Following the instructions given to us by Pets at Home, the bag was floated in the aquarium or 15 minutes then a little aquarium water placed inside the bag 3 times, then releasing the water and fish into the tank.

In conclusion

Initially I was a little concerned that the running water would make Zach wet the bed more than he does...  Bed wetter post coming soon...  But, it hasn't made a difference either way and is extremely soothing for the boys at night time.  I keep the fish food out of their reach so they do not over enthusiastically feed the fish to death!  The tank is currently minimal but the boys have discussed saving their money and purchasing more plants and an ornament.

It is a beautiful little aquarium, but be aware that this particular one is quite small so can only accommodate one very small fish or shrimps.  The cascade feature is soothing and the light is lovely in the evening, I do have a thing about lighting and, if I were to have this in my living rooms I would want a softer glow light rather than the blueish tone of the current LED.

This is a perfect gift that I would recommend for anyone already planning to start fish keeping.  Great for kids, a small apartment, office desk or as a starter tank.  It is great quality, the bowl is glass and the stand is sturdy. The filter feature is brill, that with EasyBalance and AquaSafe have managed to keep the water in the Aquarium clean and clear for the past 9 days the fish and shrimp have lived with us.

Do your research on fish keeping first, is brilliant for advice and are leaders in the field, so I would also recommend the use of their products, of which I had used for years when we had fish in the pre-school I ran.

So far the boys are loving it, we may even purchase two more shrimp!

Tetra Cascade Globe Filtered Glass Aquarium, 6.8ltr;  Comes with filter
Tetra AquaSafe
Tetra Easybalance

Aquarium available at Argos, Amazon, and various Garden centres across the UK. prices from £45.00

What pets do you have?  Who takes responsibility for pet care in your home?

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Tomboy -x-

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