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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Holiday lunch Prep for DIY Kids

Updated*** 27th Oct 2016

I've been home with a broken toe for nearly 4 weeks now.  I was putting the sewing machine away and the handle broke.  Yes ouch.

Anywho, being completely housebound  I've been through the
 'Aaaaargh, I've got things to do!' stage,
 'Oooooo, I can catch up on all my Netflix shows' stage and am now at the,
 'hmmmmmmm, this house needs some organisation and freshening upstage.

Saturday, with broken toe, I ripped out the understairs cupboard, well, I say ripped, what I actually did was unscrewed it and had the boys stack the wood!  But that's a post for next week, when hopefully I'll be able to share the full process with you.

A quicker and much simpler change was my fridge.  With it being half term and the ever hungry boys being home for the week, I thought I'd rearrange things to make it easier for them to grab what they wanted through the day. I've moved my meat to our half fridge stored in the hubby's studio, and given the boys the bottom shelf above the veg drawer.  Our main fridge is a regular 60 width so just an average English fridge.  I'll share the rest of my fridge organisation another time.

I placed easy to grab juice pouches in a fridge container, fruit in another container without lid, then prepped ingredients for sandwiches kept in another open top container.  They just slide the food prep container out and make their own sandwiches when they were ready.  If you are new to my blog, welcome and I am a big advocate for independent children so I often do my best to make things easier.
In laymans terms, I can't be asked to do it all for so many, so teach them to do it!  Simples!

See below...


Food Containers: PRUTA from IKEA £3.50
I use block cheese and grater in bulk using my Tefal Fresh Express.  Its cheaper than buying ready grated and easy to bag up using my IKEA ISTAD zip lock bags.

Each day is a different meal option but the prcess is the same, have it peeped and ready fr them to make themselves.

What would you put in your fridge prep tray?
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Tomboy -x-

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