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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Vlogging; Behind the scenes

If you haven't already, pop over to our YouTube channel and check out our vlogs.  As crazy as we are through the written word, on camera, we are clearly mad!

On speaking to my mentor he thought it would be a good idea to write about the experience of vlogging as I gushed about my amazement of the experience to him. YouTube channel >>>>>HERE

First off, like writing a diary, vlogging is a religious practice, which, if you've been following me over the years you would know, is not really my thing.  I tend to go with my own flow, not pushing myself to undertake a creative activity that I am not 'in the moment' with.  Quite typical creative behaviour.  I'm also currently in a state of positivity and, as what often happens and has done this past week, if there is misery to record I just avoid writing.

Wrapping up the family introductions and preparing to begin a daily vlog, I am conscious that my good great and super bad days are subject to scrutiny.  It makes me nervous.  I don't intend to project the idea that my life is perfect and have always been very forthcoming with all aspects of it, however, punching keys behind a screen with tears rolling down my face, hair a mess and in a filthy dressing gown, it is not all out there for all to see.

 I can no longer hide behind words and a screen like an internet troll.

With that being said, vlogging, or more so, editing the footage has made me see myself and my family in a new light.   Little nuances and the things you kind of miss as 'we' are not living in the moment.  Using life as a staircase, a tool to get to somewhere.  Where I wonder.  I saw how grown up Zach is, his little character being staunchly proud and very protective of his elder brother Alexander, who is far more sensitive and hopeful than he had seemed on the surface.  So much of myself I could see in his little face when disappointment hit his heart.  Louie, who, until watching back some old footage and comparing, I hadn't noticed how tall he'd grown, and, although I'd noticed a change in his voice, hadn't realised that it had broken and that it wasn't 'just a cold'!  My husband who, on watching back a couple of hours of footage, I saw and remembered how much he loved to rap, when we first met and realised I hadn't seen him rap in years!

Vlogging has become a source of therapy and renewing our relationships, although I physically edit, the whole family are part of the process before the film goes live,
we are reminded to live in the moment and be grateful.  
Our eldest no longer lives at home, but is due a visit, as well the strong nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, I'm thoroughly looking forward to editing his footage, but onward we fly...

Join us on the daily vlog the rest of this month, the good the bad and the damn right messy!  Don't forget to check out the vlogs and posts over on our YouTube channel.

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