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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

FroliciousMama Down Under; The Australia Diaries 2


On Sunday the 17th of January 2016, I checked in at Heathrow Airport, got on a flight to Beijing, and proceeded on a fantastical adventure, alone, child and husband free, to Sydney Australia.
This is the second of my 3 part series, if you haven't already please read the first post >>>>> HERE

Pullman Quay Grand Hotel Bar/Restaurant

Sydney City

Being away from home without the children allowed me to have free uninterrupted adult time so bars, restaurants and general nightlife became a major part of my trip.  Most of the bars I was taken to, took full advantage of the amazing views this beautiful city has to offer.  From many a roof terrace to a revolving 360 degree bar there was much to do, see, eat and drink!

My Plane arrived early Tuesday afternoon, by 3 after a quick freshen up and a change of clothing in the airport bathrooms, I was eating my first meal in Oz and by 4 we were at a bar!  I hit the floor running, and my girl Vee had a master plan to counteract my impending jet-lag!  This included not allowing me to sleep until Oz night time!  It didn't work, but it was a great effort on both our parts.

As this is a post includes reviews on alcohol which is prohibited on this blog, please follow this link to our EAT page for the full article... >>>>>>>> EAT

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