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Thursday, 3 March 2016

World Book Day

Quick fix costumes

Face Paint and a little imagination go a long way!

I had a naughty night out after a board meeting last night, way too many glasses of luscious Sauvignon Blanc at my new favourite place to hang out.  I awoke rushed early this morning to attend a meet up with my business mentor whilst simultaneously remembering, with horror,  that I needed to knock together two outfits for World Book day today.

I knew Alexander was going to be easy as he'd already asked to be Mr Stink a book by David Walliams.  He loves the character...  A tramp who inadvertently becomes a loved and respected political figure whilst remaining a tramp.  A very funny and engaging book that Alexander has read twice!

Dad did a great job 'dirtying him up'

An un-ironed shirt, a tie, his brothers old mac and a little brown and face paint.  There is a newspaper in his pocket and under his arm his elder brothers beloved Pippin, who had better return home before said brother returns home from school, else there will be HELL to pay!

Zach was a little trickier, his nursery class had been reading the Ginger Bread Man, of course, that was what he wanted to be.  That was yesterday afternoon.  I had a board meeting at 5pm and after that... well we know the outcome of that!  
At 7am there was no chance of throwing that together, there was nothing brown in the house so, pretending I'd forgotten I asked '
"Zach, what would you like to be today?  How about Peter Rabbit?  That's a cool costume" *Imagine a high, perhaps a little squeaky, animated and desperate voice!
He agreed.  Brill.
Out came the rabbit ears I made for his birthday party, a bow tie, his cardigan, leggings and a wooly bobble.  A touch of face paint, my all time fancy dress go-to, and Bobs your uncle.

I just about scraped through by 8am, jumped into my car a got to my meeting bang on time.  It was the wrong meeting place, but that is another story!

How did it go for you today?  Which characters did your children dress as?

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- Tomboy x -

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