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Thursday, 24 March 2016

My children DO NOT have OCD; Keeping it real

In fact, I would go as far to say that they are nasty buggers.

I wanted to cry...  In fact, I did a little, after finding their room like this three days in a row AFTER tidying it.
It even spills out onto the landing

A blackened dried out banana skin, a moulding orange, clothing and bedding reeking of ammonia shoved into drawers and a packet of turkey ham (which should remain in the fridge) opened and stuffed down the side of a cupboard.

When shall I scream?  What shall I scream?  Zach wets himself and his bed, A LOT.  I knew this was part of the issue in the shared loft room Alexander and he share.
However.  What I hadn't known, was that he was actually, instead of walking a flight of stairs down to the toilet, peeing in a corner of their room.  In fact, behind his brothers bed.  RANK!
Shall I scream now?  
I had asked him to bring all wet bedding downstairs each morning for me to wash, dry and return to his bed by night.  I did not know he was leaving a pee'd item in his drawers, thus contaminating all his clean items of clothing.
What about now?  Scream?
After washing, drying and folding their clothing, I asked them to collect and place their items, as presented into their chest of drawers, when I went up to look, the clothing was all over the floor mixed up with their entire catalogue of toys including the painfully annoying LEGO.  The drawers were practically empty, excuse being, they couldn't find one particular item.  Did I mention that they pass the hooks to hang their coats, just to throw their coats on to the bedroom floor?
Oh please, this must be scream time... 
Between the blue permanent marker pen drawings on the wall, peeing and generally wrecking the room, I have decided that my children are ferrel pests.  Not unlike the idea I have in my head of rats, cockroaches and city foxes.  Dirty, wild, dangerous.  They both have had several insect bites and I can completely understand why.  I have often gone into their room over the past few weeks, every other day and had them tidy up, but today I snapped, I moved everything.  Beds, mattresses, cushions, cupboards... the whole room was shifted and boy was it a trove of filth and mayhem.  I made them tidy it then wipe down everything with a couple of cloths, whilst i supervised.

Out went one mattress and bed base.  Out went two bags full of toys and clothes.  Out went 5 loads of washing.  But now the room is habitable again...

I think I'll set the tent up outside, they can stay in it until the end of the school holidays.

Stand guard men!

Disinfectant is my best friend

Reading Nook
We have some holes to fill and some walls to paint, but at least the carpet is still good, will shampoo it over the weekend

Butter wouldn't melt...

Now for a soak in the bath...

How do you cope with your children' rooms?  
How do you ensure they keep it clean and tidy?  What would you have done?

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- Tomboy x - 


  1. When my two girls were younger they use to share a room and as the room became messier they blamed each other. I had rotas, videos, sign language, special announcements. Nothing worked. The rota basically became a to do list for myself. Their mantra was " If I had my own room, I would be tidy" They are now eighteen and twenty and have their own rooms (MESS ?) That is another chapter.... The picture I saw of your boys room is NOTHING compared to my then NINETEEN YEAR OLD TEENAGER. She was a Dickensian fox.....Although the way she carried herself then and now, was and is superb you would not believe that what hid behind that door was of such rank squalor. Clothes on the floor, bags upon bags of rubbish, plastic bottles, cups of liquids that would be suitable for laboratory experiments, rotting food on every available surface, cobwebs, thick layers of dust, the list goes on. Pigs had left in disgust it was so filthy. I called CSI, said that she was adopted and that her Mother (the real fox) wanted her to come back home. Long jokes aside it was very stressful as I thought of bugs as she too had been bitten a few times and I Like order and organisation. One time I asked why she had to keep her room in such a dangerous state, "If I were to actually pick up the clothes and tidy, the room would get cold. My response ? None as I was speechless. After countless arguments where my talking would go to different tones of operatic anger I decided to leave her to it. As long as the door was closed it was fine....Kind of. I would mentally deep clean, tidy and rearrange the room in my head to help me sleep and I would pray. The nineteen year old is now twenty as mentioned earlier and takes pride in keeping her room tidy. Your ones are still little so there is still hope. Maybe give them wipeable rotas where they can tick off the tasks that needs to be done and you can inspect afterwards. I would continue what you are doing as you are teaching them life skills and they need to take care of their environment indoors as well as out

    1. Thank you so much for your shared honesty and support. I'm glad there was a turn around. Only 13 years to go and counting for me! I guess all the earlier work you put in sunk in eventually. I will keep at it .


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