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Saturday, 5 March 2016


Providing beds Badly

A few months ago I took on the task of 'making' beds for my boys.  It consisted of scouring the neighbourhood for pallets, pressure washing and disinfecting those pallets.  Cutting and putting together and sanding.

Yesterday, as I looked for beds for the 13 year olds room, a conversation with Alexander ensued

"Mum are you buying me a bed?"
"No, you already have beds"
"Oh, but I thought we'd get 'real' beds"
"Those are real beds, I thought, as you boys liked to jump on them, instead of telling you not to, Id make you beds that you could jump on"
"We stopped doing that a long time ago"
"When you got those beds"
"Yes, a little bit after that I think"
"I think we should have 'Real' beds now". 

Now feeling a little strained, as my search for single beds just doubled from 2 to 4. Go figure.  Note to self:  Give them what they want so that they do't want it anymore!

Speaking of beds, This married couple are having some serious issues in the bedroom right now.  No, it's not what you think.  My issue is around 'making' the bed.  I have a very definite style to making the bed and believe strongly that the last up should tidy it.  My husband does not agree, clearly.  He did however, after another argument about it, tidy the bed... once.  I am certain that he'd done it poorly to stop me nagging.  It spurred me to made the bed in a new way.  One even more precise than before.  Hospital corners and flat sheets heaven.

Now for some drooly bed pics!

The hubby's version of a made bed...  Shocking

My new bed style, will look even better with freshly washed and ironed sheets this weekend

It feels almost angelic with the light coming through the window!  Hospital corner.

Items for a good, made, bed.
Fitted sheet, two pillows each, one oxford one standard.  A flat sheet, A light quilt in cover and 1 over blanket.  Don't forget your valance especially if, like me, you use under your bed for storage.

Happy bed making!

- Tomboy x -

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