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Monday, 4 January 2016

Review of GLAMGLOW Supermud

Glowing with Glamour

Begin a new regime, New Year, New Skin.

Product Review:

It was over a year ago, whilst in a London restaurant discussing beauty products with a group of women, as you do, when I first heard about Glam Glow.  A very glamorous, well put together lady that I know excitedly told the group about the products she uses as well as all the spa treatments.  Top it off, she claimed that se had read celebs used it pre red carpet.  She wears makeup daily and her skin is always flawless.     I was not huge on make-up, as whenever I wore it, I never seemed to clean it all off effectively causing me to have breakouts after use.  I have long been an admirer of women with clear, smooth, seemingly poreless skin.  So for me, this conversation was an eye opener.

My first reaction when finding the product on an online beauty store was…

“What the bloomin hey”, and I’m being polite right now

£40 for 34g!  My heart sank.  How would I explain this purchase to a very frugal husband?  Pah!  I placed the order so fast I felt dizzy! was recommended, and, as I didn’t want to over think the purchase, I registered and the deed was done.  No research.  No price comparisons.  Ah well.  To their credit and my relief, it is a neat and easy to manouver web site with good prices and a quick turn around.  My product arrived a few days later.

It was a quite a large postal box with lots of little samples, freebies!  The GLAMGLOW Supermud box, placed in the middle of lots of bubble wrap, is a large, white gloss hexagon shape with silver print; even the boys were excited.  When you open the box a very small pot is in the middle.  A little disappointing as the box gives the illusion that you’re getting more.

The jar itself is quite like the pots of cold cream my mum used to own; double lined, so you can imagine the amount of mud is quite small, but, if you are unlike me, knowledgeable about weight; the 34g would have been an indicator.

Supermud is effectively a mud face-mask.  It is a dark grey in colour and quite smooth to touch, apart from a few bits of what I think may be sea kelp.  I applied a reasonably thin layer (I was scared I’d use it all up in one go) over my face and neck avoiding the eye area.  After a few minutes the product began to dry, I could feel my skin tightening, some areas looked damp and I could see my pores…  a lot of them! 

I left the mask on for around 20 minutes, as I potted around the house doing other things, much to the amusement of my family who thought they would try to make me laugh and crack the mask.  I laughed. It didn’t crack or flake.

I then rinsed my face with warm water ensuring I got all of the mud off, then splashed with cold water to ‘close my pores’.  The result astonished me. My pores appeared smaller and my skin was actually glowing.  It was soft to touch and I giggled.  Spots appeared less red and I looked… young!  Well, younger.

I used this once a week for about 10 weeks before it ran out and received a reminder email from  With one click I had purchased the next few months supply.  It may be a small amount but you are to use it sparingly.  After all, how big is a face?  And only the product touching your face will be effective.

I can say, using it 10 times, £4 for what effectively is a spa treatment, is miniscule.  It is more than worth the money and has improved my skin dramatically in the year since that first.  So much so, that I only use it once a month, during my cycle, or when I have a big event and wish to dazzle.

I have added, to my regime, GLAMGLOW Powermud for weekly use, which is £49.99 for 50g.  It lasts even longer and is great for just cleansing the skin of residual makeup.  I now wear makeup regularly (it makes me feel like a real grown-up) with almost zero breakouts and my pores are noticeably smaller.  Result!

After all, it’s only taken me 29 years to get back to the great looking skin I had as a pre-teen!

Tomboy -x-

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