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Friday, 4 September 2015

40 things at 40

I have arrived at the mid way point if you are to believe in the life expectancy charts floating around the internet in various guises .

Naughty 40s, 40 is the new 20, halfway mark, life begins at 40.

I have heard em all.  What a change this past year has been.  A transitioning, an awakening.  The eminent arrival of another decade prompts a great deal of movement, mentally, and if you are lucky, spiritually.  The past six years had been a whirlwind with good, bad and indifferent but here I stand at 40.  To be fair I had moved past that, I am going to be 40 thing, and had already thought about how quickly 50 and 60 were coming!  That is the issue with 40.  you are still at the stage that you remember 20 so clearly, and where did it go so fast?  So now you no longer think in 10s but in 20s!  60 then 80!  Panic, panic!

"That is the issue with 40.  you are still at the stage that you remember 20 a little too clearly, you now think in 20s not 10s, 60.... 80!"

 Funnily enough I feel calm.  I feel as though I no longer have to try so hard, that I am free!  Free from the past, it has gone.  There are no mistakes, just new opportunities to learn.  I am free to say no.  Free to choose.
I bought and, part read, (*have to be honest, I kinda got the gist halfway through!)  Oprah Winfrey' 'Things I know for sure'.  It made me start to think of and list all the things I know for sure.  What had I learnt over these past 40 years of mine.

  • Age is nothing but a number, everyone has their own path and arrive at different stages in their own time, being 40 doesn't make me wiser neither would 50, 60, 70, or 80 if I kept my head in the sand.
  • Most of my fears have been either irrational or practical, I am learning to be mindful as to which is true in each situation
  • Follow my intuition and have no regrets.
  • Everything is subjective.  
  • You are never too old for anything, whether it be study, exercise or an experience.  

I write my own future and understand that the now is so very powerful, that old saying,  'Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.' Benjamin Franklin.  I get it.  Like really get it.  As in 'Just Do It' Nike!  There is one thing knowing something and reciting it, but to live it?  My journey has brought me here and will take me further.

So, with that in mind, instead of a party marking the beginning of my new decade, I decided to set myself a challenge of 40.  40 things to do.  Rather than mope about what I hadn't achieved I figured, I'd do it all now, hey why not.  40 new foods, 40 new books, do a sponsored run, visit 40 new cities etc. etc.   I have written a list and have begun to tick them off, selfies at the ready try something new today!

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