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Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday morning feelings:

It's good to read!

"Ruby" by Cynthia Bond >>> see here

Last Monday I read a book, unwell, down in the dumps and laid up in bed, I read a book.  From start to finish, and when I put it down, I exhaled.  I can not even remember the last time I had read an entire book, and why I stopped reading.  Ok, I take that back, I read all the time, but just not for me.  I look at stuff mostly, pictures... like a kid!

Although, I had come across a wonderful children's book which spurred me to read again.
The Book with No Pictures by B.J. Novak; simply genius, a wonderful play on words for children to listen to and enjoy.  >>>> Purchase  >>> See here
 Along with every Dr Suess story, this is a must for your children's library.
It is strange that children's books would be the inspiration behind me reading again, a past time I used to adore; but this highlights the fact that we are looking more at pictures nowadays than actually absorbing and processing words.

Back to my reading.
After flitting through my monthly subscription of Oprah magazine, her book club caught my eye, and, as I was laid up in bed anyway, I purchased, in iBooks, her recommended read of "Ruby" by Cynthia Bond >>> Purchase.  I must say though, that I did miss the holding of a traditional book and have ordered a paperback copy to grace the bookshelves I have planned for my husband to build!  There is just something about the softness of the paper and the turning of the pages that make reading...  well, so, booky?!

I read without a break, other than that of the toilet kind.  I eat and read.  I read from the very front to the very back and it felt good.  Our Louie is always reading and I am slightly jealous of his complete abandonment of the world as he dives and weaves between the pages of anothers written imagination. I am not 12 and cannot lose myself as often, but like chocolate, in moderation, it can balance my world.  What a buzz, the descriptive language, that light in my brain slowly brightening.  Inspirational, captivating and motivational.  On to the next!!

A book I have had for a while but never started
"Americanah" by the amazing Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
I love her work  >>> Purchase

Tomboy -x-

What books have you read lately?
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