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Monday, 23 February 2015

Monday morning feelings:

Feeling Fabulous   

Happy New Year!  It is a new year according to Chinese tradition!  New Year, new start....

Homemade American pancakes with honey, sugar and no sugar 'Super Jam'  available to buy from Waitrose

After almost 6 months, our home internet has now been sorted....  I hope.  I can say that I'm not at all impressed by the service provided by BT.  Such a disappointment as the broadband speed etc.. is brill.  Any who.  I am back.  I hope!

“Good Morning.”

“Good Morning!”

“How are you today?”

Fabulous I say and I mean it…

As I am typing, I have a stack (well two but stack sounds better!) of American pancakes, drizzled with honey, my favourite ‘Super Jam’ and even a naughty sprinkling of unrefined sugar.

The sun is streaming through my dining room window and my house looks like winter half term hit it; and it did.  The blinds are lop-sided, there are hand prints on the walls, in a variety of colours.  Toys, colourful jackets, curling ribbon, tissue cushions and odd socks lay strewn across the settee and floor.  ALL the pictures on my gallery wall are lopsided and the dining room window is .

The OCD me cannot beat down the Mummy me today.  I have taken the children in to their school and nursery early.  My dad is at work (he moved in 3 months ago) and my husband is at work.  I can hear nothing but the click clacking of the keyboard as I type.  I am eating…..  in silence, without disturbance!  I look around my messy, dirty home and breathe in and out deeply.

All parents that work out of the home, I share with you this, just take one day extra after the half term.  Eat, and be silent.  It is the most beautiful feeling.

How am I today?  FABULOUS I say!

Click on this link for cleaning help!! >>>>>  HELP ME ACHIEVE A CLEAN HOUSE!

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