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Sunday, 8 June 2014

1 year on.... A little courtyard oasis

Comparison June 2013 & 2014

Written on 7th June 2014

Exactly 1 year ago I posted this ...>>>  Taking control of what we eat.  With steeled determination, a collective family help, a lot of love and dubious behaviour on my part (playing jazz and classical music to my foliage); I have achieved a large part of my goal.....  To be surround by greenery/life.
As you read and peruse through the gallery I advise you to listen to: Bachianas Brasileiras, No. 5: Aria (Cantilena).  It adds atmosphere!!

The easiest way to describe the change is through pictures.  There is a spot in my garden where I can sit and see nothing but foliage around me and the sky above...   Fair enough, I can't look up and behind me but, sat still, eyes forward and I am in my own little oasis; with nothing but the sounds of birds, bees and the occasional fly around me.  Beautiful serenity.  It's funny because at 7am it is so quiet you would never believe you were on a densely packed terraced street in the city, until of course a siren goes off in the background.

In my last post I discussed paring down the amount of veg I planted in the raised bed... Ummm well, I was seduced by the square foot garden I learnt about on Pinterest and decided to go with that!!  I have a large family to feed!  Go big or go home hahaha!  Already it looks pretty crowded, especially after the rain we have just had, but I'm happy so far.

My wall garden is doing beautifully.  I had purchased some wilting basil from B&Q at the rock bottom price of 10p each! Out of the 6 pots only one has survived thus far, I have been told since that basil is tender, I should have perhaps potted and strengthened it before planting in the unforgiving, wall garden; Note to self for the next time.  Other than that hiccup, the wall garden is flourishing and providing me with cooking ingredients daily.  I am still yet to plant in two of the rows but am looking for a hardy herb with small enough roots, that I would actually use.  I have purchased some oregano and will be testing that this week.

I had joined a community garden project last year, Friends of Harlesden Town Garden, and have been enjoying being part of the it's progress, there is something so very satisfying about gardening and social gardening is even better.  I am learning so much from from my fellow gardeners, one of which is a real life published expert!  I have been slowly syphoning garden know how from him, I couldn't afford to pay for his expertise this stuff is priceless!!

Please click the link and read my garden post before this....>>>>>> Preparing the Garden

Garden Gallery...

Alexanders Favourite things Gallery!!

Photographer Alexander gets stuck in....

Who doesn't love Peonies...  These were store bought cut flowers in a vase on the garden table..

A lot of Jerk chicken is cooked here!!

A worm.... of course!!

The Snail/slug jar!!!  It's filled with salted water -_-

The drain?!  He said he likes watching the water go down..

A space to play!!

A Place to relax!!!

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Tomboy -x-

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