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Friday, 24 January 2014

Kelly Hoppen Interiors shop 'The Art of Home' NOW OPEN

Photo source:  Kelly Hoppen Pinterest page

For months I have popped onto the Kelly Hoppen website hoping 'The Art of Home' online store was open for business.  The opening was announced on her Facebook Page whilst I was out.  I peeked a look on my phone sitting in my parked car and exhaled!

For years I have been an uber fan, bordering on obsessive stalker!  Okay slight exaggeration, needless to say, I am a firm fan and have been since I came across some of Ms Hoppens' work in one of my interior design magazines.  As always I google searched in images, which threw up an array of beauty, in my very favourite neutrals.  I had arrived!
I have tried to recreate the Kelly Hoppen feel in my own home, at a super budgeted rate.  Her thoughts on materials, texture light and every day luxury run parallel to my own.  Kelly Hoppen is one of my infamous 'friends in my head', what's more is, she has recently completed the interior of a home in Barbados; that's my girl!

Kelly Hoppen of course had a store before which was great but this new improved offering is nothing less than fabulous.  I was slow on purchasing the last time, but I'll definitely be quicker this time around.  True to form, Ms Hoppen not only provides beautiful products reasonably priced, but gives us priceless information by way of design help videos.  LOVE.  If I had my emoji emoticons available on this platform it would be the one with hearts for eyes!

One of things I walk away with and can't get out of my head is the description 'Home Jewellry'.  My lord...  It's going to be my most use phrase of the year.  Too beautiful a description and so very perfect.  An empty vase, a few pics, what else are they to your home, which is an extension of yourself.  Those little finishing touches, love it.  My brain runs....  perfume/home fragrance, make-up/wall colours, clothing/drapery and furniture.  We are often our homes our hearts and souls live in the way we set things out....  But now I'm babbling.

Photo source:  Kelly Hoppen Pinterest page

Ranging from £17 for coral, the collections are a touch of luxury at affordable prices.  Most people round up their top 5 favourites, unfortunately I've found that to difficult to choose so all I can say is have a look for yourself.  I noticed on the Facebook page comments were made about the £80 cushions being too expensive, to that I say "PAH!"  'Affordable luxury', I would buy 1 cushion a month then when I had all, place them all on my sofa!!!  Hahaha!!  I am a strong believer of you can have whatever you want.  And I definitely want!!!

View all products online @

Tomboy -x-

Photo source:  Kelly Hoppen Pinterest page
Thank you to Kelly Hoppen for tweeting and favouriting this post!

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