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Friday, 17 January 2014

Bring on a full on 2014

I haven't set a New Year's resolution for years.  It used to be a thing I did as a child but upon getting older, felt that I didn't want to set myself up to fail.  Then thought it would be better if I set myself life goals without the New Year pressure.  I'm a Gemini and true to type,
I change my mind often and refuse to be pigeon holed which makes it difficult to change.  I'm a creative soul and literally make my life up as I go along, shocking to some I know.  Every path leads somewhere and you could always back track if you get lost.  It seems in complete contradiction with the lady with OCD who likes neat, ordered and scheduled, for some things.... Gemini.....

This new year has been super busy for me and I have a load of new projects coming up, so far it's been an exhausting but fun start to 2014.  There is lots to share and write about so you will probably be happy to know new posts will be flying your way!!

Amongst them is the Isossy Children's new baby collection, it was a great honour to be part of the creative team for the shoot and so much fun.
This year my winter home freshen up has been late as my home will be invaded by visitors late this month, so I wanted to ensure decoration was as fresh as possible.  The whole house is currently upside down and every room is having something done.  There are plenty of painting posts, up cycling posts and How To DIY posts.  Laugh at and learn from my mistakes and possibly have a go yourself.

2014....  Bring it on!!

Tomboy -x-

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