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Friday, 17 January 2014

Bloggers Habits

How often should a blogger blog?

A short while ago I was asked how often I blog, I was brutally honest, "I'm a creative, I blog when I feel like it!'  Ain't that the truth!  I honestly only blog when I feel I have something to blog about.  I hate those blogs that seem to just put a post up well, just because.  I get it, I will lose peoples interest, my ratings on Google blah blah blah.  Is that really all blogging is worth?

Lately my inbox, ok I lie, my junk box has been cluttered with companies offering to work with me on SEO, search engine optimisation, which is a fancy way to say how easily people find your work on the internet through typing in a couple of words in a search box on Google, Yahoo, Ask etc...  Others asking me to join them as an affiliate...  I haven't quite worked all of that out but I will, in time!

I am very grateful for the interest my posts have received thus far, and for those of you who would love to know when my next post comes up, follow me in Google circles, join my Facebook page or indeed, subscribe through the subscribe button on the right, it is all free and painless, usually!!

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