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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go!!

Last Friday I attended Brent councils small business exhibition in honour of small business month.  It was held at the beautiful new Civic centre directly opposite Wembley Stadium.  I had the pleasure of meeting some great people and have been inspired to expand on some of my ideas.
With confidence, being my biggest arch nemesis, it was good to meet people who loved what I do and stroked my ego, genuine or not it felt good!!!

So on with the show.  How are you all getting on preparing for Christmas?  Have a look at our efforts on Instagram.  The boys decorate the tree in their room themselves whilst I just supervise.  I am such a control freak, I give them their tree and they leave me to decorate the main tree by myself!!  Alexander even convinced me to decorate the outside of the house with lights too..  My first time ever!!  What d'ya think?!

Tomorrow morning I will post a copy of my checklist as I believe you can never have too many checklists to help you along the way, it clears the mind for more important things, like whether to bring flats to the Christmas party!!
I will also publish the Hostess Etiquette post I have been preparing.

But, for now, I have to pop off and do some cleaning.  I don't know why, but after every meal at my house the floor underneath the dining table looks a lot like the scene from Casper (you know the one, when they are eating and as they are ghosts it just lands on the floor in a huge mashed up mess!).  Time for me to get back to work!!

Hi hoooo!!!!

p.s.  I treated the house to a little early Xmas present, a beautiful 6 arm light ex-display from Laura Ashley.  Reduced from £200 to £120 a bargain!!!

I'm going to add extra chain so that it hangs quite low over the dining table for extra effect!!

Tomboy -x-

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