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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Frolicious Boy

Those of you whom have followed my blog over the past year and a bit, may have noticed Alexanders ever growing afro!  I am asked daily how we maintain it, what we do and why we haven't cut it.  The last question is easily answered.

He loves his hair naturally curly, he doesn't want it cut or even combed, washing comes at a push on a weekly basis in the bath with a co-wash only (co-wash is washing with conditioner only, no shampoo).  If we feel there is excessive build up he gets an apple cider rinse (rinsing his hair with apple cider vinegar after washing).  It is also the only time it gets combed and just gets a daily spritz with water topped off with a little homemade oil mix or leave in conditioner.  Simples!  I think his fro is uber cute and very fitting to his character our Frolicious Boho boy.  And I love the fact that he is often compared to a young Bob Marley!

Have a look at our wash day diary in pictures below.  Want more info?  Leave your questions in the box below.

Tomboy -x-

Super cool Boho boy, dressed himself, hence white socks!!

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