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Sunday, 15 December 2013

Baby LOVES James Brown

Encouraging speech and Language

Our lil baba is really coming into his own, with clear likes and dislikes.  His speech is coming along slowly.  At 22 months I'm not particularly worried but am monitoring his progress, encouraging him to repeat and reading to him lots and lots.  When I find that he likes something in particular I extend on it.

I found out, one day driving in the car, that he LOVES James Brown 'I Feel Good'.  He tries to sing along.  As he also has a fascination with my laptop, I recorded him on an occasion as he sang and watched himself on iMovie.  It's a great way to encourage his speech, rhythm and sense of self.
Have a look.


Children develop at different paces, should you have any concerns about your child's progress, contact your local Children Centre or speak to your doctor or health visitor for advice.

Tomboy -x-

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