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Sunday, 1 December 2013

A tie that speaks!!! How to: tie a smart tie

The first day back at school is always a source of pride.

A sea of children in their brand new uniforms looking clean and sharp, belying the mess left at home of shirt packets and collar cards strewn around their bedroom floors.  This year, my sons primary school have adopted a new uniform.  Perhaps someone leaked my uniform post of last year!!  A new blazer a crisp white shirt a knitted sweater and a tie!  Louie is in his element.  There was many a grumble through the playground when the new uniform was revealed, but, even with a little grumbling on the first day back, I am sure the majority of parents would agree that the new uniform is extremely smart, fitting and a triumph for the school.

But, several months on the school tie has proven to be an issue for many a parent in the morning with many, never had tied a tie before and still unable to get it right.  As a relative 'expert', (I use that term loosely, as of course he has no qualifications in tying ties) we have recorded Louie tying his tie in the morning before school.  We believe it is called a Windsor knot and is simple and smart as it is a symmetrical triangle.  I originally found a list of tie knots on the Internet some years ago and found this the easiest to tie, it's also the only one I remember how to do!

With Christmas only 24 days away and the party season kicking into gear this video is a great way to beat sloppy tie syndrome, unless, of course, it was the aim of your outfit!!

As the party season kicks in we will be exploring different tie styles including the illusive bow tie!
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