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Monday, 16 September 2013

No room at the Inn!!

I know it's been more than a hot minute since my last post, which was a difficult post to write.  I am pleased to say that time is a healer, and, although we are still going through the process of healing, each day is brighter.

Everyone is back to school and nursery.  All except Alexander who is waiting for a reception class space.  With all that has been happening, it is a sad reality that my 4 year old does not have a place in the school he attended nursery at, the school his brother has attended since he was 4, the school 3 roads up from us.

It is a catholic school and he was baptised CofE.  It seems a shame and not very family or community centred to separate siblings in this manner, his elder brother is also baptised CofE and has been in attendance for 6 years.  I understand the policy that children who are baptised catholic are a priority; but after all that has recently happened and, the police advising that they would only be-able to monitor one school for our protection I had hoped the school would consider us, the situation has become more urgent, but, as I have been quite clearly and mostly coldly notified, "There is no room at the inn!"  and, if there were, we are a good few down on the list.  Well if Joseph and Mary found a way, I am more than sure that my family and I will do so also.

I cannot understand a government or school policy especially a faith school, that supports the splitting of siblings at primary school level.  Alexander has been part of the school since birth, all the children, teachers and parents know him, he had visited the school numerous times and never imagined that this wasn't his school also.

How can a child embrace school life and learn well, being taught the contradictory message that family and community is of utmost importance, but your sibling has no place here, those with no previous connection to the school are prioritised.

How are you expected to get your children to different schools at the same time?  How do you collect them all?  If, like me you have 4 children, or more, all of primary school age (mine aren't thank goodness), and they all go to different schools, how do you manage parent evenings, fun days and Christmas plays?  Individual school holidays don't even match up!  I am not the only one going through this ridiculous change in the admissions policy;  There are other parents, at this school alone, also having the same issues and, those who hadn't picked this school as a first choice who are in but are awaiting their first choice.  It must be a more widespread problem and something government should do something about, after all they introduced the central admissions policy.

At present, we await a place, for both boys elsewhere if necessary.

Have you or anyone you know of, been through or are going through admissions problems?  How have you handled things?  Please leave your comments below in the comment box, I would love to hear your story.

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