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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Victim of Crime

Coping after an attack.

My husband and I were attacked in our car by a gang of 5 youths, one of which had been charged, prosecuted and had served time in a youth offenders institution for burgling our home a year ago.  We had provided the CCTV footage that convicted him.

Please note: You may be disturbed by the images that are attached.

They threw bricks through our car windows and beat my husband with bricks and a metal pole leaving him with cuts to the head requiring 10 stitches and some gluing.  It was such a horrific ordeal and lasted around 7 minutes. Not long at all in the larger scheme of things but way too long as you live through it.  As street savvy as I think I am, nothing could prepare me to witness my husband on his knees in the middle of the street (a street I had walked, driven and rode along since the age of 11) being beaten over the head by five boys younger than my own eldest boy with bricks, I was sure they were going to kill him or leave him permanently disabled as I screamed "NOOooo".  It was all that would come out.  It was a relief to see him stand to his feet and a surge of pride rose in me as he grabbed a boy and his bike and threw them both a good few feet.  As he stumbled towards me, blood pouring from his head, the boys followed taunting him, I continued to scream,

 "OK, it's over now, leave it, it's finished.  You win."  

The night replays over and over in my head, I can't work, sleep, or concentrate and the street I knew so well, that holds so many memories for me is marred with a new, distressing and horrific memory.  I'm becoming a recluse. Scared to leave my home, feeling trapped and jumpy.  My blinds and curtains stay shut onto the main road and I am constantly watching the wall at the back of our home which leads on to a car park, it was used by the thieves to access our home originally.  

I had, of course, notified the police, who, after the initial couple of days, seem to have disappeared into oblivion.  Emergency response has been attached to our phone numbers, but average response is 12 minutes.  Our ordeal lasted less than that.  To my knowledge the thugs have not yet been caught and cannot be found, although my teenage son saw one of them the following day and was threatened with a shooting.  Do we have to be 'that' family on the news before anything is done?  I don't live in one of the greatest areas but I live on a road with the most wonderful neighbours.  Louis Theroux can often be seen riding past with one of his children in tow, point being, I never considered it to be that bad.  

I don't know who to be mad at.  The police?  The boys?  The youth system?  Society?  The judicial system?  Maybe by the time I stop being scared and upset I will have worked it out.
I am beginning to heal with the help of friends, family a therapist and a spiritual healer, but it is a process.  Today is a better day, I am writing; I am standing firm in my home, my haven.  I have stopped jumping at the sight of a butterfly caught in the corner of my eye, each day is easier.

I have written this post as I hope I can ease the mind of someone going through the same thing, and as a  therapy for myself...  Better out than in they say!  My thing has always been to write it all down, get it out, it has worked for me so far.  try it.  I hope it works for you.  

Anything negative that is worrying you, swimming around your head; write it down, leave space for the positive thoughts and feelings.

Tomboy -x-

Our car, and my husbands head after being cleaned up at the hospital

If you live in the UK and require support after being a victim of crime contact:
Victim Support 
Greenelight Academy of Healing

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