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Friday, 9 August 2013

New Posts!!!

Thank you for reading, we are fast approaching 20,000 visits..

If you have been following me on twitter you would have known that I had been without a laptop for the past month or so....  My beloved old white MacBook bit the dust and, I was forced by my husband to tuck it in and save for a new shiny, almost new, MacBook Pro which I've received with thanks to a frugal hubby and Gumtree!

I am the ultimate 'put it on the card' Queen, so it had been a hard month for me as I impatiently waited for a great deal to come up that allowed my cash only circumstance.  It felt pretty good too and, with the rest of my saved cash I purchased 2 bottles of my favourite Jo Malone perfume, hmmmmm, so I smell good whilst I type!!

The next few articles I'm about to post were originally written in June but, as much as the wheels at Blogger have turned to perfect there mobile app, it doesn't allow for a perfectly formatted publish, you can not move pics around very well and for some strange reason the published font isn't the same as the one I standardly use; as I have spent so much time on trying to get the look right, I felt it would be a disservice to my 'brand' to continue to post.  Note to Blogger 'fix it!'  in my most menacing cockney accent (which in my mind always sounds a lot better than when it comes out of my mouth!).

If you haven't been following me on my other social media forums I do ask....  Why not?!!!

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