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Friday, 9 August 2013

Mother Nature has been to work!!

Do you watch Real Housewives of Atlanta?  Celebrity Apprentice?  Have you seen Glee and the New Normal?  You must know Nene Leakes.  For everything exciting I can't help but use her voice, so as I look around me I exclaim, with a very bad Atlantan drawl,

"Mother nature has been to work chile!"

Accents are not really my thing, but I do em anyway, to the annoyance of my husband. Teeheehee!

"That kale there has taken over the place
 Oooooo look at those cabbages
 Uhuh, Ima be eating some lettuce like a rabbit chile"
Hahaha! Okay okay, I will stop.  For this non green fingered urban afro chica, I haven't done half bad and am looking forward to a bountiful harvest.  I still can't believe how big everything has grown in a short time.  This week the boys and I have been weeding and de-sluging.  I tried all of the natural remedies I could find on the internet, but, being a first timer, panic set in and I became stressed each morning to find a half eaten lettuce or broccoli; I resorted to slug n snail pellets which has left me picking the offenders out of my veggie patch each morning.

As a first timer the experience is all about learning.  I have learnt that I should probably use a ruler when planting in my rows, I'm not so good at guessing measurements.  I have also learnt to pay more attention to the predicted growth of each item, so as to plant the taller veg in the back etc.  When I first planted I worried that it all looked a little sparse so filled gaps with marigolds and extra veg.  Patience is a great quality to have or so I've been told, something I need to work on.

I've made a plethora of new friends at my local Homebase Garden centre, the assistants are extremely helpful with advice and I natter away with the elderly customers who frequent the borders aisle.  There is so much to be learn't and the boys love the attention they receive from their new 'Nanny' Rose and 'Nanny' Gupta.  I plan to approach Homebase about opening a lil cafe just like the other garden centres, for my own selfish reasons of course!

But my garden isn’t the only thing that has grown, and as the school year draws to a close I look at the two youngest and gasp.  Alexander is taller, has a lot more hair and a story at the ready at every given opportunity!  He has learnt and progressed so much over the past year;  Zach!  Well, we all know how quickly babies grow, I feel sad at times looking at how quickly he is growing, talking, walking, understanding;  seeing him with my eldest, who is fast approaching 20, puts it all into perspective as I still remember him at the baby stage.  It will be Louie's last year at primary and we have begun the process of choosing a secondary school for him, I can hardly believe it, his teenage years are just around the corner.  But, just like my garden there are cycles, the journey is a fun and exciting one and I am overflowing with pride at my cabbages and my boys..

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